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I’m pleased to announce that my Advent Calendar is now published. Those who were reading my site last December will remember that I did an online Advent Calendar (I won’t link to it so as not to spoil the anticipation, but if you want to see the images they aren’t hard to find…). Well, the print version is made up of almost exactly the same cartoons (with one or two modifications), one-a-day from 1 to 24 December. It is in A5 format with a spine at the top, meaning you can flip to the next one each day (picture below). The pages are double sided, so during the middle of Advent you turn it around and carry on. The calendar isn’t year-dated, so you can use it year after year.

Unlike my other calendars and books the cartoons are not church-specific, so someone not familiar with the church world would, I hope, understand them.

You can purchase the Advent Calendar from the following places:

While we’re talking calendars, my 2015 calendar is on sale too. It has a cartoon for each month, and plenty of space to write appointments, etc. The cartoons are some of my favourites from the Church Times, and aren’t ones that you will have seen online. You can buy it from Church House Bookshop, Aslan, or Amazon UK.


Above: Calendar as it would look if you kept it on a desk near a keyboard.

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