At the bicycle show

Idiot at bicycle show

Yesterday we went to the London Bike Show at the Excel exhibition centre in London. Here are a couple of hastily-posted photographs – no time to dilly-dally today as I am full steam ahead on a freelance cartoon job.

Above: Idiot at bicycle show

Folding bike race
There was an indoor track with various races going on. This is a folding bike race, with riders dressed in the traditional attire.

Wheel chairs
Wheel chairs.

Bicycle library
Bicycle library. I’m not sure, even having been inside, if it lends out bicycles, or is a place to read bicycle books. But it is always fun to look around an old bus.

The Strida folding bike, by Mark Sanders. I have loved this design for years, but never quite justified buying one.

1990s Cycling Weekly
1990s Cycling Weekly covers. I will have bought many of these.

Boat show - visitors in slippers
Entry to the Boat Show was also included with our tickets. Here visitors queue to look around a luxury cruiser wearing special slippers.

Hot tub - no diving
Hot tub. No diving.

The end.

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