Bishop John's first day

The Diocese of Oxford has put together an album depicting scenes from Bishop John’s day tour of the Diocese in preparation for becoming their new bishop. A couple of photographs I enjoyed:

Meeting the staff over coffee. I like the way the Bishop is at one end of the room and the staff are line up at the other end. Come on someone – start the mingling!

The there’s this one – what bishops do when no-one is looking. If the Bishop of Dorchester had been in my youth group I’d have had a gentle word about not abusing the antique furniture.

I don’t know why there were not any photos from Sarah’s church.

In all seriousness I do wish Bishop John all the best as he takes up his new post.

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5 thoughts on “Bishop John's first day

  1. John Pritchard was a vicar in Taunton when I was a curate there in the mid 1980’s. He was well-liked, and his parish was thriving.
    I last met him in Norwich Cathedral when we moved here nearly five years ago – he was having a caravan holiday just before starting as Bishop of Jarrow.
    He is a good man. I hope that the Diocese of Oxford will be nice to him.

  2. John Pritchard is an excellent bloke. During my time in Durham Diocese I was rung up by someone on an appointments committee to another Diocese, researching who could be their new Bishop. I told them JP would be brilliant, but please don’t take him away. Great communicator, pastorally astute, theologically sound but without making heavy weather of it. If Oxford can’t be nice to John Pritchard they should be all be made to sing ‘we really want to thank you Lord’ 500 times.

  3. Well as someone in Oxford diocese, I certainly hope we will be nice to him! From the reaction to his appointment so far, I’m pretty confident that we will though!

    Glad also to hear the recommendation – he’ll definitely need to call on his skills as a great communicator, and be pastorally astute in Oxford I expect, as from our participation in the selection process we’re a pretty diverse bunch.

    We’ll look forward to welcoming him to our little outpost of the Diocese down in Finchampstead sometime soon.

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