News feed cartoon, and comment on social media


This wasn’t the cartoon I wanted to post today, but something sillier still feels inappropriate and the cartoon I want to post doesn’t exist as I haven’t drawn anything.

This picture sums up one aspect of my frustrations with social media, which is the falseness and unreality of much of it.

Today though I’ve been more frustrated by idiotic statements, implied criticism of my cartoon without actually saying so, saying it is too early to comment but then commenting anyway, generalisations, definite opinions without knowing the facts, moral superiority, and, well… more things like that. And then I had breakfast.

On the plus side, people’s support for cartoonists, the great creativity of cartoonists, and encouraging and kind words have been greatly appreciated. So thank you.

In general, the aim for 2015 is to do more drawing and spend less time looking at the internet. I’m thinking that that is probably still a good idea. Only three people in the world know what my small-but-grandiose plan is, by the way, but it might be becoming apparent.



I drew this a couple of years ago at the time I was writing my not-especially-successful-as-I-wasn’t-that-good-at-it Church Times Blog. Originally it was making a point about church goings-on at the time and long since forgotten, but I’ve modified it as I just like the image of one churchgoer being told what to do by a multitude of preaching bishops. I suppose that could be me – I need all the guidance I can get.

Someone will no doubt inform me that they are all male – this was (I think) part of the point of the original cartoon, and in any case at that time we didn’t have female bishops in the UK. I’m too busy doing my tax return to redraw history.

Apparently the collective noun for bishops is ‘a bench of bishops’. Whether that changes when they are standing up I don’t know.

I must do my sums


It is tax return time.

I can’t remember when I drew this, but it will have been in January during a year between 2006 and the present day. I now have a splendid accountant who does the actual calculations for me, but I still have to do what I find is the hardest job, which is getting all my figures together. CW deserves a lot of credit for helping with this.