UK aid cartoon


A cartoon about the Parliamentary debate on UK Aid, taking place today.

This (possibly) demonstrates the advantage of drawing digitally. I was able to get this cartoon drawn and uploaded in quite a short space of time over a lunchtime, and by 3pm it had been recommended for reading for Year 9s at a school in Brighton. If I’m drawing a cartoon for a client I need to take rather more care and do more research, etc, but this shows what can be done.

For anyone interested in further reading I found the following sources useful whilst doing the drawing.

[13 June, 8pm. Text updated to be more accurate. Now says ‘National income’.]

Christian Aid cut the carbon march

christian aid

Christian Aid are about to undertake what they describe as the longest protest march ever in the history of, well, everything. It is in aid of Global non-warming. There are no vacancies for marchers, but there is one vacancy for a driver to drive an electric vehicle around Britain at 4mph. To me this seems like quite a good deal. You get all the fun of being involved but without the blisters. At 4mph you can take in details like flowers in the hedgerows etc. If you see something interesting slow down to 3mph for a bit. Heck, you can always speed up to 5mph for a bit to catch up.

If you don’t get this job (and most of you won’t as there is only one vacancy) there are various big rallies and small teas you can go to. You can join a group on the Facebook too. It’s all in aid of campaigning for the supremely important cause of stopping the world’s poor being having their lives ruined by the selfish actions of the rich, ie us.

Brief report from the environment conference

world problemsToday I went unexpectedly to the Chelmsford Diocesan environment conference. I did not intend to go, but owing to various circumstances I ended up there. It is a not-that-long but not-that-interesting story, so I will not tell it. And very good the conference was too. For me the need to take action on environmental and justice issues rather put yesterday’s discussions into perspective. Hence my hastily scribbled list, which is not intended to be accurate, or correct, or good.

Of course it is easy to get overwhelmed by the pressing needs of our planet. One of the conference speakers, when faced with the question ‘But what can we actually do?’ replied by saying ‘Do what you do’. In other words, do the thing you normally do in life, but do it in such a way that will help the world to operate sustainably and will help to get the message about environmental issues out there and will generally do as much good as possible. For this reason I will continue to do a few drawings and rambly blog posts, but I am going to try to address environmental issues a bit more often.

I have decided to take a small bit of additional action in one particular area though. I think we should have some cycle racks at our church, so I am going to see whether I can, by asking the right people, make some cycle racks happen at our church. I think having cycle racks at church would mean that more people might cycle there, which would be a good thing. If anyone reading has experience of commissioning cycle racks for a church then I would like to hear from you. Alternatively you might know a church with really really good cycle racks and you might know how they got them. I talked to a man from Sustrans, and he said that Sheffield Cycle Racks are the best ones. I don’t know whether there are special people who install such things or whether you get a builder to do it or mix your own concrete using a home made recipe. I am so clueless on the subject you would hardly believe it. My ignorance is plain for all to see.

Greetings to Paul, who I met at the conference, though I knew him from the internet. Paul offered me his garden for my occasional cartooning purposes, which was a very kind gesture.

Making our mark

This is the name of the walk that the Archbishops are doing in London on March the 24th to mark 200 years since the end of the slave trade. There is a website: Today they have put a video on YouTube that is here. Frustratingly we have a long standing engagement in another part of the country on that day so will not be attending.

There are of course a lot of other things going on that relate to this anniversary. Here are some:

There are also a lot of different organisations working for the stopping of modern day slavery, including:

Let the bloggers blog

let the bloggers blog

I was sent a nice e-mail by the people at the Amnesty International telling me about their website and also some videos they have made. I know I was not the only person to be sent the e-mail, but I am not going to let that affect me.

In summary is all about standing up for the rights of bloggers in places like Egypt and China where you can be imprisoned for blogging the wrong thing. In fact I read in the newspaper today about one blogger being jailed. As someone who has been known to blog the wrong thing this is an issue I take an interest in.

In my old life as a youthworker I used to organise Amnesty breakfasts for young people where we would write letters to campaign on behalf of those improisoned (typo – but I thought I’d leave it) imprisoned for their beliefs in different parts of the world. We’d also have a cooked breakfast consisting of egg, bacon, sausage, toast and sometimes baked beans. I can’t remember whether we had mushrooms. I think perhaps that sometimes we did and sometimes we didn’t.

Anyway, it is a good campaign to support I think. There is a pledge you can sign or you can ask to have infomation sent to you so you can blog about it and various things like that.

Sorry that I have done 3d lettering instead of a cartoon. On some days I do not have the wherewithall to do a cartoon, whereas the wherewithall to do 3d lettering is more freely available.