Holiday photograph 3


It is rare that one is given the chance to post a photograph that will appeal to both the punctuation pundits and the fashion fanatics at the same time, so when the opportunity arises it is right to grasp it with both hands. Or for those with my computing technique, both fingers.

I will be posting some drawings soon, I promise.

Oh, by the way, this photo was taken in Swanage, in case you are longing to see for yourself what is in-side. Swanage is lovely. By the sea and everything.

Holiday photograph 2

holiday photograph

I know, what you really want is lovely pictures of the seaside, but for now I’m going to leave you with this ecumenical information to ponder whilst I’m away for the next week. We’re going to my parents in Wales for a little wedding celebration with some people from my home town and then to the Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham. Please note that comments will probably not be moderated during this time, which mans your words of insight may take a week to appear depending upon whether the software likes the look of you.

Some information and reminders for those going to the Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham (Apologies for those unable to go – this must be really tedious) :

The Book
The Dave Walker Guide to the Church will, I really really hope, be available from the Church Times yurt. No signing session has been allotted as far as I know, but I will try to spend a bit of time there and make sure the people in charge of the venue know when that will be. It would be great to meet anyone who reads this site and/or enjoys my cartoons.

Wibsite Sunday afternoon gathering
We’re still planning to have a little gathering for bloggers and anyone else on Sunday afternoon at 4pm. There really should be no reason to change this, but I will post here and let you know by any means possible in the highly unlikely event that there is any change. In any case I’ll try to log in and post some more precise directions here when I know exactly where the campervan is going to be. All being well it will be in campsite 9 (map here) and there will be a white ‘W’ flag and the gazebo (so no problem if it rains). Anyone who reads this blog is welcome – feel free to bring some refreshment, liquid or otherwise.

See you in September or thereabouts when daily posting along with new cartoons and the usual in-depth analysis will recommence.

Holiday photograph 1

holiday photograph 1

Everyone loves to see holiday photographs, so here is one. If you can tell what it is and you are in an internet cafe please put your hand up and shout ‘I know! I know! I know!’ very loudly. If not you can comment in the comments in the time-honoured tradition (should you so wish).

Anyway. Hello! We are back from honeymoon and as you can see I am taking a short break from my blogging break. So I am still on a break, but this is a break from that break. I cannot explain it in simpler terms really, except to say that full daily blog posting will recommence in September but I may do one or two between now and then.

So, what is there to say? The days leading up to the wedding were not without their dramas, but the wedding day was fantastic and we’ve had a great holiday. We now have a couple of days up to our knees in washing before going to Wales and then to the Greenbelt Festival. Thank you for all the good wishes and kind wishes, and for many that were both good and kind.

Talking of Greenbelt, I look forward to seeing anyone else who is going. We’re still hoping to have a little Wibsite-and-anyone-else gathering on Sunday at about 4pm in the campsite – Do send me your mobile number if you’d like to be kept up to date with any changes. Please note that I will get any e-mails sent tomorrow, Tuesday the 22nd of August, before we leave, but I may not get any sent after that before we leave for the Festival. If your coming to the little gathering and wanted to bring some refreshment that would be fine too.

Book news. I’m really really hoping it will be at Greenbelt as planned. The latest is that the consignment of Dave Walker Guides to the Church should be delivered to the publisher’s warehouse in Norwich on Wednesday and then sent over to arrive at Cheltenham on the Thursday. So all very last minute and cutting it fine, not like the things I usually do at all. In fact it is likely that I may not even see a copy until you do. Goodness. At the moment no Greenbelt signing session has been programmed, though signed copies will be available. But I will of course be more then happy to sign any copies if anyone should request. I will try to make it to the Church Times Yurt (Isn’t ‘yurt’ a lovely word?) for some of the time. I’ve also heard that the Church Times will be giving copies of the book away to new subscribers, which is nice.

Good. I might post another holiday snap tomorrow should demand be high and if there is baying in the comment box etc.