A photo a day in 2017

Needing a distraction from the things I should be getting on with and current world events I am attempting to post a photo a day during 2017. You can find my daily photos in the following places:

So far I have only forgotten once.

The bar for photograph quality is set low. The pictures are taken on my phone, which means that those in low light aren’t always brilliant. And I am realising that for every day I manage an attractive shot of Southend seafront (above) there are several that consist of me not really leaving the house and mostly sitting at the computer or drawing tablet.

I am allowing occasional use of a photo taken on a previous day, but most of the time they are a photo taken that day.

Benefits of this scheme: I can now tell you something I did on most of the days in January. My findings: very little.

Anyone else doing something similar? Let me know.

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One thought on “A photo a day in 2017

  1. I’m part of a photo a day group on Facebook group called FMS Photo a Day. You can also participate by posting your photos on Instagram and just use the hashtag FMSpad. There’s a new prompt for each day. In fact, the February list is up and running if you care to join. You can find it here: fatmumslim.com.au/february-photo-a-day-challenge-2017

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