Greenbelt Festival: ‘Colouring-in with Dave Walker’

Dave Walker Colouring Book

Some news for people who go to the Greenbelt Festival. There will be a session entitled ‘Colouring-in with Dave Walker’, taking place on Saturday 27th August, at 3pm in the G-Books / Christian Aid tent. The programme says something along these lines:

Calling all artists (and doodlers) to help us colour in from the new Dave Walker Colouring Book (Canterbury). Pages and pens provided. Dave Walker will be on hand to select winners and hand out prizes.

Do come along if you’re at Greenbelt. Sadly I don’t think you’ll get to hear me giving insights from my vast colouring-in experience, but one can’t have everything. I will be judging the winners, which should be fun (although there are concerns about public unrest if I make an unpopular decision). If you want info on the other events taking place in the Bookshop Tent you can find it here.

The book, I’m pleased to say, should be out very shortly, available from places that stock such things, and / or the following:

In other Greenbelt news, I have done my usual ‘Reasonably accurate Greenbelt site map’ for the Church Times ‘Guide to Greenbelt’, which is given out around the site or available free in the bookshop. For the first time the map was drawn electronically rather than on a sheet of paper (interesting for me, less so for anyone else). And as usual the map was drawn before any last-minute changes to the actual layout of the site, so may be wonky in places.

If you’re at the festival do say hello if you see someone looking a bit like me around the place. See you there (possibly).

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