Book: Peculiar Goings On

peculiar goings on

Some good news! I’m very pleased to be able to announce that my next book, to be called ‘Peculiar Goings On‘, will be published on 31 July by Canterbury Press.

It contains a selection of my cartoons from The Dave Walker Guide to the Church in the Church Times. Am I allowed to say that I like these cartoons better than the earlier ones? No, probably not. But anyway, subjects analysed in this volume include:

  • Successful strategies for rich pickings at a bring and share lunch
  • How to defend the church car park from non churchgoers
  • The perils of over-zealous church cleaning
  • The hierarchy of biscuits
  • The periodic table of churchgoers
  • People you might encounter at the vicarage
  • …and that cartoon: Liturgical dance: how to nip it in the bud

Here is where you can find it:

  • At the Greenbelt festival in August. I imagine there may be some kind of signing or somesuch.
  • Local bookshops. If you need to quote an ISBN to order it the one you need is 9781848252363
  • Church House bookshop
  • Amazon UK

Other stockists are available of course. Oh, should mention that the cost is of the book is £6.99.

The books page contains links to all of the books of my cartoons if you don’t want to loiter waiting for this one.

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