The Dave Walker Guide to the Church 2009 Calendar

Please excuse two ‘publications’ posts on the same day – it just so happens that they’ve come into stock within a day of each other.

2009 Dave Walker calendar

The Dave Walker Guide to the Church 2009 Calendar is published by Canterbury Press. This year’s theme is ‘Things to take to church’. All of the pages of cartoons are new apart from one. They took me ages. Subjects include:

  • What to take and what to leave at home
  • How to decide what to wear
  • A pre-church planner
  • Things to take if you have small children
  • Why you should or should not take a mobile phone
  • Liquid refreshment
  • Things you will need to explain if you take a friend
  • Things to take home from church
  • Medicinal products you will need

Oddly enough I did a post on February 10 2008 asking for your ideas on the subject of ‘things to take to church’. Your answers in the comments were a great help to me and sustained me through the long nights of toil. So thank you – seriously.

The Canterbury Press page is here. Church House Bookshop have it in stock, priced £5.99. They do mail order. If you’re looking to order it elsewhere the ISBN number is 9781853118746.

I’ll post soon about my new cartoon book, which is due out in August or hopefully even July. In the meantime information about it is available on the internet, but I’m not telling you where.

[Secret link]

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