Woodwork update

Key hooks

This is my row of hooks on a piece of wood, made this afternoon in woodwork. It is, on the face of it, a key holder, but I am planning to use it more for paraphernalia and that kind of thing. Stop and think about it for a minute – if a burglar breaks into your house and they see a key-shaped row of hooks, they will immediately know that it is a holder for keys. And if they steal all of your keys you are in all sorts of trouble. Whereas if it is used for paraphernalia they will be momentarily baffled and quite possibly forget what they broke in for.

I haven’t decided exactly what kinds of paraphernalia yet. Possibly hats, gloves and rulers. Or nine different categories of paperclip. Something that can be hung up, anyway. Please feel free to make suggestions.

Tomorrow I will be doing sports all day. My tracksuit bottoms will have their annual airing. You can of course follow all of this and more via the Twitter hashtag #craftsportweek.

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5 thoughts on “Woodwork update

  1. My advice would be to either hang an assortment of screw in hooks on the hooks. That’ll REALLY discombobulate them.

    Actually, it would make a rather fine baguette storage device.

  2. When you are writing computer programs there is the idea of recursion where the function you are calling calls itself. It seems we have recursive keys here so I look forward to see a bigger keyshaped board on which to place this one and ones like it.

    Very soon Essex will be covered with DWs’ keyboards 🙂

    As an aside I went to an auction looking for s/h computer parts and my wife encouraged me to bid on a catlogue item that was listed as a keyboard and it was the the sort you have made. Don’t buy things unless you have looked at them!

  3. My Dad used similar hooks to hang elastic bands on – sorted by size of course.
    You seem to be having a wonderful time – I’m quite jealous!

  4. Hi Dave. Now that you know how to make a thingy with hooks like this, the woman in your life might like a similar one, in the shape of something of significance to her, on which to hang her necklaces so they don’t get all tangled up in the dresser drawer. After fruitless requests for just such a thing to my hubby, a tremendously overtaxed vicar, I was given something similar for kitchen utensils by a parishioner. Instead, I added more hooks and hung it on my closet door. Works wonderfully!

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