Hello. I’m Dave, and I draw diagrams. By ‘diagrams’ I mean cartoons, really, but with additional annotation.

My focus is drawing about sustainable transport and active travel (cycling and walking), but I draw pictures about other topics too. My work is largely funded my Diagram Club.

I’ll now pretend to ask myself some questions in order to impart various nuggets of information:

Who are you?

So yes – bit about me. I grew up in South Wales, but now live with my wife, who we’ll call CW, in Langdon Hills, which is to the east of London. I have a cat and a lot of bicycles.

I’ve been a freelance cartoonist since 2005. I’m a member of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation, best summarised as an organisation for professional cartoonists (UK).

A number of books of my work have been published. My book about cycling as an everyday way of getting around, From A to B., was published by Bloomsbury in 2021. It’s probably the best one I’ve done.

I’m here for your Church Times cartoons. Where are they?

A lot of my work has appeared in the Church Times newspaper. If you’re interested in my ecclesiastical cartoons please see CartoonChurch.com, where you’ll find a large selection, along with info about purchasing a licence to reuse them in church publications, etc.

What is this website?

I’ve had a blog, imaginatively called ‘The Cartoon Blog’, since the early 2000s, and it has had different emphases over the years. The site is now ‘davewalker.com’, and is where I post my latest diagrams, with a sustainable transport and active travel focus.

Why ‘sustainable transport’?

Everyone needs to get from A to B. Unfortunately some of the ways we choose to do so aren’t very good for the planet on which we depend. At a time of climate crisis, and with transport being one of the main causes of carbon emissions, it seems like an important topic to consider. My belief is that cycling and walking should play a far more important part in the way we travel, especially for short local journeys.

What qualifications do you have for this?

I got a D in A-level art…

But, oddly enough, I do have a qualification. A BSc in Transport Management and Planning from Loughborough University.

I like what you do. How can I support your work?

I’m pleased to say that my Diagram Club is now up and running, meaning those who support what I do can receive various benefits for doing so. This includes the ability to use cartoons yourself, things you can print, a community page, and other things yet to be thought of. Please keep on following me on social media or sign up for the newsletter to hear more info as we get it.

Thanks, as always, for all your support,

Things people have said
(All genuine. Mainly relate to my church cartoons, but I can’t bring myself to omit them…)

“The world’s worst cartoonist”
– Damian Thompson, Blogs Editor, the Daily Telegraph

“How does Mr. Walker come up with such reliably dull stuff week after week?”
– New York Times

“Ah, Dave Walker, the most consistently anti-parish voice in the Church Times, is back on his horse. I would hope he’s only pretending to be dumb…”
Marcus Walker (Chairman, ‘Save the Parish’)