The Advent calendar starts today


It is the first of December, which means my Advent calendar starts today. This year there is a paper version for the first time, so hello and welcome if you have found my website as a result.

I’m not going to be posting daily cartoons online this year, but if you do want to see or share any of the Advent calendar cartoons they can all be found here: Advent calendar (warning – contains spoilers). That said I’m hoping to post some non-Advent calendar cartoons here on the blog, all being well.

The calendar can still be ordered via my calendar page, but you will now miss a day or two. It’s OK, the rest of us will wait.

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2 thoughts on “The Advent calendar starts today

  1. Hi Dave! Yesterday was the first day of Advent so today’s the second day. 🙂 Or am I now a day ahead of everyone else?

  2. Yes, I started your Advent Calendar today. I have experienced two problems with it – one minor, one major 😀
    The minor one is that it doesn’t seem to want to stand up very easily;
    The major one is that my son & I are in dispute as to the best location for it – I want it on the kitchen table, and he wants it on the bookcase in the lounge. No agreement has been reached, and I suspect third-party arbitration may be required 😉
    And *everyone* is getting your 2014 calendar from me for Christmas!!!

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