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Last day in the Church Times web dept.

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There is some news.

Today (Thursday) is my last day working as the Web Editor of the Church Times. Yes… I suspect a large percentage of those reading didn’t know I did such a job at all. But for any that did: I’m stopping this week, by my own choice.

For the last five years I’ve made my way into the City of London every Wednesday and Thursday in order to make sure that the Church Times newspaper appears online in the early hours of Friday. The job has involved everything from making sure bolds and italics are in the right place, through to overseeing the introduction of a new site a couple of years ago. And quite a bit of walking to the kitchen, making some redbush tea, and walking back again.

In fact I’ve been travelling in to the Hymns Ancient and Modern offices in the Barbican area for seven or eight years now – I wrote a blog for the newspaper for two or so years before taking on the Web Editor role – so not going to London will make quite a change to the way a week looks.

My feelings about this: It feels incredibly sad, but I think it’s the right thing for me to do. There are aspects I’ll miss – the main one being my co-workers. I have enjoyed working with people at Hymns A&M and have made some very good friends there, who I will miss a lot. I am still continuing to draw my weekly cartoon for the paper though, so that link won’t be lost, and people have kindly said they will continue to feed me ideas for cartoons.

So what will I be doing instead? Well, I’m going back to full time cartooning and working on my own online projects. There are a few items on the ‘to do’ list which I’ve really wanted to get stuck into but never had the time to concentrate on, and I hope that now I will. I’ll say more in due course.

I am excited about this… along with feeling some mild trepidation, about making it work, surviving working on my own the whole time, etc. I may, dear blog reader(s), very occasionally ask for your help (if that’s OK).

This Sunday it will be 10 years since I started cartooning professionally, so it seems like a good time for a new start. Thanks once again to everyone for your support.

[Image: ‘Church Times’ cartoon, drawn for the CT 150th Anniversary issue]


  1. Hope you’ll still do some cycling cartoons too. I have a brill idea for one, but I need to write up my blogpost for it first. It starts ‘if my blogpost were a Dave Walker cartoon….’

  2. I reckon you’re pretty amazing.

    All the best in your goodbyes, and new hullos.

  3. Phew! As long as the cartoons are still going. And I trust the calender for 2016 will be as good as the other years! Do you do ebook covers? If so, when I’m ready could I approach you?

  4. You’re very brave, I hope it works out for you. I enjoy your church cartoons very much so I’m hoping you’ll carry on doing them. Happy Easter and Good Luck!

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