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January ‘JA’ Quiz – find the words starting ‘Ja’

The quiz itself is here (standard version) or there’s an A4 printable version for Diagram Club members only.

  1. Jar (or Jam)
  2. Jagged
  3. Jacket
  4. Jalfrezi
  5. Jaw
  6. Javelin
  7. Jackknifed (or jacknife)
  8. Jail (or jailed, etc)
  9. Janitor
  10. Jalepenos
  11. Jab (or jabbed, etc)
  12. Jaguar
  13. Jacuzzi
  14. Jackpot (or I’ll accept ‘jammy’)
  15. Jaunty
  16. Jargon (or I’ll accept ‘jabbering’)
  17. Jamboree
  18. Jarring
  19. Jay
  20. Jaded

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Diagram Club members can find the printable version here.