Beard theology

I’ve drawn some cartoons for a book, ‘Beard Theology – a holy history of hairy faces’, by the Church Mouse.

In summary: at various points in history Christians have been adamant that men should wear beards. At other times in history Christians have been certain that men should not wear beards. This book tells this story, with humour and stories from church history that you probably haven’t heard before. It also raises the question: if we’ve been so certain but so wrong about beards, might this have anything to say about other modern-day church controversies?

It was great to work with the Church Mouse on illustrations for the book. You’ll have to buy it to see them all, but here’s a sample.

There’s a lot more info, including interviews and reviews on

You can buy the book in all kinds of places, but here’s one or two:

Beard Theology – Church House Bookshop
Beard Theology – Amazon UK
Beard Theology – Hive

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  1. Beard theology is fine, but what about moustaches. I am a 62 year old lady, and like my female ancestors as fat back as I photos – 1875ish – have luscious moustaches which many a teenage boy would be proud of. Could the moustaches be why they planted churches? I have to admit though, that I have my moustache threaded regularly, and have never felt the urge a plant a church.

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