1. I see he tucks his ‘little end’ into the label hoop at the back of the ‘big end’ of his tie. I see this as an indication of conservative attitudes – therefore I am able to identify the man as being the glazed-eyed neo-puritan and the woman must therefore be the heretical liberal pseudo-Christian. This is one of the foundations of my theology.

  2. Would the ‘heretical liberal pseudo-Christian’ be using a bible though? Maybe its got a transcription of the Dead Sea Scrolls included.
    Also, they seem to both be wearing their ‘Bible-holsters’ on the far side, which means that our lady-friend draws from the left hip with her right hand… another confirmation of her blatant disregard for doing things like everyone else.

  3. Do you think that in two thousand years these cartoons will be accepted into the canon of scripture? How would they be incorporated into liturgy though? You can’t read them out or describe them. Maybe there will be holograms of them projected out of implants in the vicar’s eyes or something. As part of the worship, the congregation might mimic the postures of the characters whilst reverently reciting the captions. Although for cartoons like this one, they would have to be just silently posed like quaker street-mimes.

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