How to subscribe to the Cartoon Blog

blah blahNow, one of the marvellous wonders of technology is that you can do something called ‘subscribing’ to this blog. It is completely free and painless, and means that the posts I make and posts on lots of other sites you like will appear all together on one page without you having to look for them. There are a number of different ways of doing it, but one of the easiest is to use My Yahoo (ideal if you have a Yahoo or BT account) or My MSN (ideal if you have a hotmail or MSN Messenger account)

I will explain how to do it in both Yahoo and MSN. It really isn’t that difficult – give it a try!

In Yahoo:
Click on a ‘My Yahoo’ link to take you to your My Yahoo homepage.
Click on ‘add content’
On this page where it says ‘find content’ click ‘add RSS by URL’
Put this address into the box
Click ‘add’ and links to the latest posts from the Cartoon Blog will appear on your ‘My Yahoo’ homepage.

Click on a ‘My MSN’ link to take you to your My MSN homepage.
Click on ‘add content’
It’s even easier now on MNS – put ‘cartoonchurch’ into the search box
Put a tick in the little box next to ‘The Cartoon Blog’ and links to the latest posts will appear on your ‘My MSN’ homepage.

You can now rearrange the layout (Delete the Stock Exchange, move the Cartoon Blog to the top) and add content from lots and lots of websites and blogs you like so that your My Yahoo or My MSN page looks just the way you want it and shows you lots of updated things you are interested in every time you click on it.

I have the wrong envelopes

rainOne of the great things about starting a business is ordering stationery and office supplies from a business catalogue company. I had looked forward to doing this for some time. Well, the day finally arrived yesterday, so I have an absurd number of pens and enough A4 paper to draw a cartoon a day for the best part of 7 years.

But… I have the wrong envelopes. And yes, I think it was me rather than the catalogue company.

I am an idiot and a fool, and will be writing unusually small business letters for the rest of my life.

Starting. And about time too.

Well, I’m ready to go at last. The new ‘cartoon blog’ is the first segment of my new project ‘‘ (nothing to see there yet) which is due to launch in all its glory at the beginning of May. I’ll explain more about that shortly, but in the meantime, after weeks of arranging the furniture, tweaking the template and generally dilly dallying this blog is now live and active.