Blogging again in 2018

Another grandiose plan that didn’t really succeed

[Update: this plan was a complete failure.]

I always like to come up with a grandiose New Year’s plan that I can spectacularly fail to achieve. This year’s, I have decided, is: blogging.

OK, so in actual fact I’m going to be keeping my sights set low so as to put no pressure on myself at all, but hopefully you’ll be reading rather more from me here on the Cartoon Blog.

Planned topics: My latest cartoon work, cycling exploits, the current state of the tide, and other sundry subjects, yet to become apparent, which merit investigation.

Any other suggestions as to interesting topics welcomed.

So why blogging, in 2018?

  1. I love a visual medium. This rules out podcasting, for instance.
  2. I like to have my own ‘home’ online. One that isn’t Facebook or Twitter, where I can do what I want and gather my best (and worst) work.
  3. I started blogging in 2002 (approx), and I really enjoyed the years when I was blogging the most.
  4. Cartooning is a solitary business, and I’m hoping writing a blog might give me more interaction.
  5. I hope that I can produce content that people might quite enjoy.

That’ll do for now. If you’d like to follow, there’s an RSS feed for people who know what one of those is, or you can get the posts delivered by email. Alternatively I’ll be posting new posts on my Twitter feed.

Thank you, and Happy New (blogging) Year!


  1. I like this, and hope to do something similar this year. I think my goal is “create more, consume less” but that won’t rule out reading the blogs of friends and acquaintances. RSS feed added! Go forth and write!

    1. Thanks Ross! Plan is to tell myself that blog posts don’t have to be brilliant, thereby fooling myself into actually writing / drawing something…

  2. I guess that the WordPress reader is one of the ways of picking up an RSS feed, Bloglovin’ is another but only for registered blogs. (It doesn’t seem to be possible to unregister!)
    Happy Blogging New Year!

  3. This is really good news! As one who spends a lot of time thinking about God and whose other half spends a lot of time thinking about cycling, your work helps keep me sane. Just.

  4. Go for it Dave. If I manage to resurrect some blogging activity in my neck of the woods, I’ll let you know too 🙂

  5. Great to hear this, I love your blogs and cartoons – and I have your calendar by my desk. Reading this blog reminded me that I needed to swap the calendars over and put 2018 up, and put 2017 in the drawer with the other ones from previous years.

    Am tempted to start a blog myself, not sure what about though.

    1. Thank you for all support for my blog / work over the years Liz – much appreciated. Yes, still not entirely sure what mine will be about this time around…

  6. I’ve followed you on Feedly all along – very good to hear you’re hoping to blog more. I still like blogging better than Facebook, Twitter et al but they’re less effort to read or write, hence their popularity I suppose.

  7. You were the first blogger I followed and I’ve followed your work ever since. I love your cartoons. I’m looking forward to this new adventure.

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