Bradwell festival

Photo: St. Peter’s Chapel, Bradwell-on-Sea, by Erin Brierley

This Saturday (2 July) The Bradwell Festival takes place at Bradwell-on-Sea in Essex. It’s a kind of a mini-Greenbelt Festival for Essex. It starts with a pilgrimage, which is a 45 minute walk from the nearby village to the beautiful St Peter’s Chapel, next to the water at Bradwell-on-Sea, then once you get to the site there are speakers, music, caterers, a beer tent and more. Greenbelt favourites include Folk On, and Beer and Hymns.

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My involvement: I’ve drawn the map for the festival (above), and I’m speaking at 2.30pm in the Performance cafe (the ‘Performance’ aspect in this case mainly involving showing some cartoons…).

If anyone can come along then that would be lovely. I can advise on getting there if you are coming from London or elsewhere.

More festival info is on the website. The schedule is as follows:

12 noon: Daily Office in St Peter’s Chapel and then a service on the main stage led by John Pantry.

Main Stage and Chapel Field:

13.30 Annique / 14.45 Famous Potatoes / 16.00 Folk On / 17.00 Beer and Hymns @ Beer Tent / 18.15 Daily Office @ Chapel / 18.30 Famous Potatoes / 19.30 Andy Flannagan / 20.45 Daily Office @ Chapel / 21.00 Dirty Faces

Performance Cafe:

13.00 The Daisy Bowlers / 14.30 Dave Walker (speaker) / 15.30 Phil Underwood / 17.00 Beer and Hymns @ Beer Tent / 18.15 Daily Office @ Chapel / 18.30 Folk On / 19.30 Open Mic

Speakers’ Tent:

13.00 Brenden Thompson / 14.00 Jane Dolby / 15.00 +Stephen Cottrell / 16.00 Melanie Smith / 17.00 Beer and Hymns @ Beer Tent / 18.15 Daily Office @ Chapel / 18.30 Richard Syms / 19.30 Nicholas Henshall

This PDF has all the practical details if you’re interested.

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  1. Mini-festivals are definitely the way ahead – looks a cracking little event. Hope your cartoonery goes well 🙂

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