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  1. I have been doing some of this today.
    1. So much vitriol on Facebook between leave and remain groups that I have come off it for a few days. Hence looking at blank computer screen.
    2. I apologised and said nice things to a lovely Polish lady who works at the gym I go to – not seen any 16/17 year olds.
    3. Reconciliation is crucial, we need to stop the enmity between the two camps.
    4 and 5 – will be looking for a suitable charity to become involved in to achieve those aims; I am not going to join a political party.
    6. I will be listening to people, and chatting to people who are homeless or vulnerably housed, and taking an interest in their needs and what can be done to help them. There are so many people now in Manchester who are homeless, with their brown lanyards which say “Registered Rough Sleeper” on them.

    And I have signed the petition asking David Cameron to set up an independent body similar to the Advertising Standards Authority but dealing with honesty in political campaigning. Which is long overdue.

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