Budget Cycling

A website all about riding a bike and saving money

It’s not unusual for people who know I’m quite enthusiastic about cycling to ask me for advice on buying a bike and starting to cycle, but on a limited budget.

So, over the last year or more I’ve been building a website during idle moments and on rainy Saturday afternoons, with information to help people with these kinds of questions. So here it us: Budget Cycling.

It isn’t a perfect website, I’m sure I have biases, there are plenty of gaps, and others are more qualified to offer some of the information. But I’ve enjoyed building it, and I hope it is helpful to people.

The website contains Guides (‘How to buy a bike’, etc), useful cycling moneysaving Tips, and a Blog for additional articles and news.

It is very much a work in progress, and you can follow the latest updates on Facebook or Twitter.