Cartoon giveaway winners

Thanks for all the ace cartoon ideas


Thank you to everyone who entered my cartoon giveaway for all of the ideas. I have printed them all on sheets of paper, and they will form the basis of a good number of my cartoons over the next few weeks and months.

The winners have been notified – there may be several people with the same name, so please check your email rather than relying on this list. But the winners were: Bradley Allen, Rural Vicar James, Karen Bowden, Juanita Hawthorne, Rachael Haylock, Elizabeth Rose, Anja, Mike Peatman, Ben, Chris, Jamie Cable, Claire Maxim, Adam, Andrew Openshaw, (12 winners, plus a couple of extras). A special additional prize went to Becky for supplying me with the idea I used in today’s Church Times.

The mystery prizes were extra books and tea towels this time.

I will run another competition before too long, as it is fun, helps me, and I have found a few more sample bits and pieces lying around the place. I will send an email to my newsletter mailing list announcing the next one, so join that if you want to hear about it.

Any additional ideas are always welcomed – just send me an email. I always try to reply to ideas emails, and I will send you the cartoon if you send me an idea I can use.

The picture above is supposed to represent competitive pursuits, by the way. Pew-hurdling was not in any way a part of this competition.