Cartooning update (I’m still going)

I’m cartooning full time again.

cycling cartoon

Hello world.

I thought I’d write an update to let you know that I’m still going, as the lack of new posts might lead one to think otherwise. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

1. Cartooning full time for the first time in years. It’s been three months now, and I’ve been enjoying it, though needing to work hard to make it work. Hence a lack of blog updates and the like.

2. Drawing regular cycling cartoons. I’m drawing for Mpora, and also one-off commissions. Some recent ones:

3. Selling cycling cartoon tea towels. But I won’t be selling them over the summer, so if you’d like one today is the last day. They’ll be back in the autumn.

4. Drawing Church Times cartoons. Aside: if you like my church cartoons some exciting news is coming shortly.

5. Getting ahead. Summer is peak cartooning time, what with being away, summer festivals and the like, so a lot of energy has been going into getting extra cartoons drawn. Ideas always welcomed – do send me an email.

6. New website projects. Not a lot more I can say yet, but wheels are turning behind the scenes.

7. Other. Going to Norfolk and Wales and elsewhere. Cycling up hills most days. Doing the laundry and feeding the livestock.

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  1. One of daughters is in to bikes in a big way, cycles to work – and it is a long way – and goes out on long rides at the weekend. She has a sweet little house bunny who buys her a gift for birthday and Christmas, and she (the bunny) says that “reasons to cycle” tea-towel will be a perfect gift for her to give to daughter (aka bunny mummy) for her birthday. It is duly ordered. Mags (bunny) didnt want the other one because it might give her bunny mummy ideas about more than one bike.

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