Opening of the Heath Robinson Museum

heath_robinson_museum_logo_the_beautiful_memeAvid readers paying close attention might remember that a few months ago I visited the site of the new museum in Pinner, north London, dedicated to illustrator William Heath Robinson. Well, today the Heath Robinson Museum opened to the public, and I was there at the opening ceremony, taking some photos, and having a long-awaited first look inside.

Well, here it is. The new museum, with chairs set out ready for the opening ceremony.

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Velodrome print

tea towel

I’m counting this as a cartoon for the purposes of my daily cartooning project. Yesterday I had the chance to do a screen printing workshop in London. I really enjoyed trying something a bit different, and this ‘Velodrome’ print on a tea towel is the result.

For Londoners interested in doing the same thing: The workshop was led by Zeena Shah, and costs £15 including materials. Forthcoming courses here. Recommended.

dave plus teatowel

Does seeing brilliant work inspire or inhibit?

IMG_1620 copy

I collect books by my favourite cartoonists. There are now, thanks to a rather generous sale by the publishers, rather more books by the French cartoonist Jean-Jacques Sempé on my shelves (picture above) than there were a week or two ago.

I like seeing work by other artists. Besides enjoying it for its own sake, it gives me new ideas and perspectives. But yesterday, whilst mid-cartoon and with a deadline looming, I wondered whether flicking though a book by a favourite cartoonist was a help or a hindrance. Seeing great work by others can give a sense of inadequacy and encourage unhelpful comparisons.

How about you? Does seeing brilliant work by other people in the same field inspire or inhibit?

Stations of the Kings Cross

stations of the kings cross

Stations of the Kings Cross is a marvellous project that was created by an anonymous artist earlier this year. In summary, it is a prayer booklet containing stations of the cross images designed to be used whilst travelling on the London Underground (Circle line). You can read more about it and see the artwork / booklet here.

I know I’m a little late to the party on this one, other websites having posted about it months ago. But I wanted to mention it as I think it is brilliant. Also to alert you to the following facts:

1) the paper cuts are being auctioned for charity on the website.
2) an exhibition of the pictures is taking place from this Saturday, 26th May, at St Mary’s, Somers Town (Eversholt Street – near King’s Cross Station). At 7pm on that day there will be evening prayer followed by an opportunity to see the pictures.

circle line

Waste not

Three photographs taken during today’s lunch hour, from an exhibition at the Barbican entitled ‘Waste not’, by a Chinese artist called Song Dong. You can read about it here. To visit: go up the slope from the Costa coffee on level 0, and it is on the left in ‘The Curve’.

[As per usual with my photographs: click for larger versions on Flickr.]

Waste not 1

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The Emblem of My Work

page 169

I have contributed to an exhibition entitled The Emblem of My Work, which opened in Yorkshire yesterday.

The Emblem of My Work celebrates the 250th anniversary of the marbled page (page 169) in Volume III of The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Sterne. You’ll find the book in the ‘Classics’ section. Approximately 169 contributors were asked to picture the emblem of their work on a blank template of the page (above). These 169 contributions will, over the next month or two, appear on a blog, and then be auctioned at the end of October. The names of the contributors appeared today, but, in a subtle twist, the names won’t be matched with the pictures. This is all a bit baffling, I know, but the blog or the Laurence Sterne Trust website should help to explain it and fill in the bits that I haven’t explained that well.

Others contributors include Quentin Blake, Mark Wallinger, Martin Rowson, Tom Gauld, Glen Baxter, to name a few I quite admire. The exhibition is part of Art in Yorkshire, supported by Tate. I’m hoping to make it up to Shandy Hall (15 miles north of York) at some point to see the exhibition, but no travel arrangements have yet been made.

My contribution? Well, you’ll have to work it out…

What Margaret feels, I have no idea


I have many files and boxes marked (usually not literally) ‘things that really should have been thrown out some time ago’. This is a postcard from one such box. Now recycled, but too good not to preserve in electronic form. I’d give credit to whoever made it, but I don’t know who that is.

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Wanted: choir hat designs

choir hats

There has been some interest in the choir hats discussed in my previous post. However, I am sure that these are not the most innovative choir hats that we could, as a group, come up with. I am therefore opening up the pages of this blog to your choir hat designs. If you think you can design a superior choir hat please do so and sent it to me, and I will endeavour to post all submissions on a future blog post. (Obviously were I to receive a huge number of entries I might have to be selective.)

The design can be sent in electronic form via the e-mail address on this page (or any other I’ve contacted you on) or via post to the PO Box address on the same page. Or you can post them on your blog and I will link. Shall we say by a week’s time, Tuesday 9 Nov? That way you can devote the weekend to the task. Non-UK readers might be best scanning or photographing their submissions. I can’t return artwork without an SAE (this is sounding a bit like Take Hart).

This is just a bit of fun rather than a competition, so there aren’t any prizes. That said if you were to include an address… you just never know. There is no requirement for the hats to be pointy.

If there are some good suggestions I may taken them along to General Synod and show them to anyone who will listen. The Queen will be there one of the days, so there is a small chance you could end up supplying choir hats by Royal Appointment to HM’s Choirs.

If there are no submissions I will do some myself, add fake names to them, and then post them to myself.