How to Avoid the Peace

Exciting book news! My next cartoon book, published by Canterbury Press, is now available. ‘How to avoid the Peace – Tips for advanced churchgoing’ is the sixth collection of my ‘Guide to the Church’ series of cartoons, originally published in the Church Times newspaper.

Along with the title cartoon, ‘The Peace* – How to avoid it if it isn’t really your sort of thing’, this volume includes…

  • A sacred office: The changing of the OHP bulb
  • Worship: How to spot when jollity is being enforced
  • Clearing out the church: Deciding what can go in the skip
  • Less demanding options for observing Lent
  • How to reorder your church without anyone noticing
  • Ways to misbehave when visiting clergy are taking the service
  • An A to Z of pastoral visiting
  • Bishops – promotion and relegation
  • What is really going on in the pews during a service?
  • A guide to the places you may or may not sit
  • Instructions for wedding guests
  • How to stop new people joining your home group
  • Church noticeboards: The seven deadly sins
  • The nativity play: Pedantic / scholarly version

…and many more.

One new development: there’s a new format for my books! For the first time in this series this book is in a horizontal landscape format. This will make for easier browsing, and since ‘The Cycling Cartoonist’ my books aren’t going to line up neatly on a shelf anyway.

Some cartoons from ‘How to avoid the Peace’ will appear on my site very soon, but the book will be the only place to find them all. And in any case, cartoons are, I think, best in print.

You can buy in the following places…

*Explanation: ‘The Peace’ takes place during Anglican and other church services. We shake hands and say ‘Peace be with you’, echoing the words of Christ. Other people have written about sharing the Peace more eloquently than I could do: See Scott Gunn: ‘The Peace and how we fail to pass it’; Kester Brewin ‘Sharing the Peace (Then Being Right Haddocks)’

The colouring book is in!


Exciting news – the colouring book has been published! I received my author copies today from Canterbury Press, and the package was opened with much enthusiasm. [See Fig 1. Scatter cushions go flying, etc.]

It is nice to see the new drawings I’ve done specifically for the book in print, and some that were previously only available in a small size in A4. Thanks Canterbury Press – I think it looks great.

To give you an idea of the kind of pictures are inside here’s a double spread taken fairly at random, and photographed (not terribly well, it must be said) in our garden a few minutes ago. You can see a few other sample pictures here on my site.


So how can you get a copy? The book is available by ordering from your local bookshop, or the following places:

If you buy the book and colour some of it do send me a photo of your colouring. I’ll tweet or retweet the best ones.

To those going along to the Greenbelt Festival this year do see my post about the colouring event we are running there. Saturday, 3pm, with a signing (I think) at 6pm.

Thanks to all who have been so enthusiastic about sharing and retweeting and liking my Twitter and Facebook posts about the book. And especially to those who take the time to write reviews on well-known websites that allow reviews – they are hugely appreciated and make a real difference – thank you.

To everyone who buys the book – I really hope you enjoy it.


Corrected 2017 calendar available

Dave Walker Calendar 2017

Good news. The faulty 2017 calendars have now been replaced by ones with a valid October. So the calendars are now available once again. You should be able to order in a local bookshop (you may need to quote ISBN 9781848258525, but it’s unlikely), or from one of the following:

Thanks to Canterbury Press, the publishers, for sorting this out.

If you bought a 2017 calendar before July 2016 check to see whether October is as it should be. If not you can contact Canterbury Press, who will send you a corrected one.

The Dave Walker Colouring Book

Dave Walker Colouring Book

I’m pleased to announce that The Dave Walker Colouring Book, a colouring book of my cartoons, will be published in August by Canterbury Press. The book features 40 or so cartoons in A4 format to colour. They include some brand new ones that I’ve drawn specifically for the book, the colouring cartoons from, and a selection of my favourite cartoons that I’ve drawn over the years that lend themselves to being coloured-in. Some of them have been reworked a bit to remove surplus text and increase colourability*. [*Possibly an actual word]

The cover gives an idea of the kind of pictures it contains. If you’ve ever wanted the opportunity to give clergy green hair – this is your chance. Warning: don’t eat any quiche that looks a bit blue, green, red AND orange.

I’m quite excited about this. The colouring pages that I put on the CartoonChurch site went down very well, (on the whole), so it is great that more similar pictures will be available in a handy-to-colour format. And whilst swirly nature colouring patterns are fine… this is something a bit different. And it is great to have something new this year while I’m in the middle of working on the cycling book.

The official publication date is 23/08/2016, so in time for the Greenbelt Festival, where it will be on sale. The price is £7.99.

Official blurb about the book (kindly written by someone else):

Fans of Dave Walker’s unique and brilliant cartoon style will welcome this latest addition to the growing range of Dave Walker books and gifts: a colouring book that all ages can enjoy. Featuring over 40 large scale cartoons celebrating the oddities of church life, and revealing what you actually need to pack when you’re camping at a festival, the shopping habits of the clergy, the mayhem of child-friendly services, the hazards of bring-and-share lunches and much more, this combines the fun of colouring with Dave’s distinctive and wry humour. So you get to calm down and laugh – what’s not to like? Dave Walker is the UK’s leading’s cartoon commentator on the church and all its workings, and has recently emerged as the cartoon expert on the world of cycling also. A professional cartoonist, web editor and former church and community youth worker, his instantly recognisable Guide to the Church cartoons appear weekly in the Church Times, and many more can be found on Dave’s website,

The book is available to preorder:

When the time comes you should be able to buy it in your local bookshop and I’d encourage such a thing, but you’ll probably need to order it. The title may well be fine, but if you quote the following number that might help things along: ISBN-13: 9781848258976

The Cycling Cartoonist: A book of cycling cartoons


I’ve got some exciting news. I have been commissioned to draw a book of cycling cartoons. The provisional title is ‘The Cycling Cartoonist’. The book will be published in June 2017 by Bloomsbury, who publish a good number of cycling books (as well as Harry Potter).

So, I will be spending much of the next six months drawing the cartoons for the book. It is a slightly daunting prospect as I will need to produce a lot of new work, but I know I have plenty of good material lined up in notebooks and on the back of cycling cafe napkins, so I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into it.

I have various minor cycling exploits planned in order to gather ideas, and there will hopefully be blog updates as I go. But I’m also hoping to talk to people who cycle to help me develop ideas for new cartoons. This could be you – if you live in London or Essex and meeting up is doable I’ll happily buy you a coffee or beer in return for your thoughts on cycling (let me know). But I’m sure there will be ways the online community can help as well – watch this space.

For followers of my church-themed work: Don’t worry, I’m still doing my weekly Church Times cartoon, adding new content to, and in fact I have a pending announcement which might interest you (Cue intriguing chords, suspense, etc).

So anyway, I’d better pump up my tyres, get myself to the starting ramp, clip in, and get on with it. Updates will follow, and in the meantime you can see my existing cycling cartoons here:

New book: Heroes of the coffee rota

Heroes fc3

I’m pleased to announce that a new book of my cartoons is to be published on 21 August. It is called ‘Heroes of the Coffee Rota’.

It contains 90 of my church-themed cartoons. Subjects tackled include:

  • Arriving late: How to cause maximum disruption
  • How churches celebrate the end of term
  • Church cleaning – how to make it seem as if you have done a good job
  • How to avoid volunteering for Deanery Synod
  • Flower arranging – career progression
  • The foodbank – perhaps we need to ask why this is happening

I hope you enjoy it. I know I always say this, but I do tend to prefer my more recent drawings, so I’d like to think this represents some of the best work I’ve done. But perhaps you need to be the judge. If nothing else each cartoon stands for a week’s toil and thinking ‘How on earth am I going to get one more cartoon done?’

You can pre-order the book in the following places:

As with all other books you buy if you buy from Amazon the author gets less money, but we all do it. If you can support another shop then so much the better.

Peculiar Goings On is now available

Peculiar goings on

Peculair Goings On is now available. It will appear in shops later this week (I’d phone before making a special trip though), and can be obtained online via Church House Bookshop or Amazon UK or Delivery should be much quicker than the current ‘9-11 days’ notice on Amazon UK- that is a glitch apparently. The book is actually in stock and ready to be sent out.

It will be available at the Greenbelt festival and there may or may not be a signing.

Also, whist I’m on the subject, there will be a new t-shirt at Greenbelt. I will post the design a day or two before the festival.

peculiar goings on

Book: Peculiar Goings On

peculiar goings on

Some good news! I’m very pleased to be able to announce that my next book, to be called ‘Peculiar Goings On‘, will be published on 31 July by Canterbury Press.

It contains a selection of my cartoons from The Dave Walker Guide to the Church in the Church Times. Am I allowed to say that I like these cartoons better than the earlier ones? No, probably not. But anyway, subjects analysed in this volume include:

  • Successful strategies for rich pickings at a bring and share lunch
  • How to defend the church car park from non churchgoers
  • The perils of over-zealous church cleaning
  • The hierarchy of biscuits
  • The periodic table of churchgoers
  • People you might encounter at the vicarage
  • …and that cartoon: Liturgical dance: how to nip it in the bud

Here is where you can find it:

  • At the Greenbelt festival in August. I imagine there may be some kind of signing or somesuch.
  • Local bookshops. If you need to quote an ISBN to order it the one you need is 9781848252363
  • Church House bookshop
  • Amazon UK

Other stockists are available of course. Oh, should mention that the cost is of the book is £6.99.

The books page contains links to all of the books of my cartoons if you don’t want to loiter waiting for this one.

Book and calendar latest


Book news. The ‘My Pew’ barrel has run dry (no idea why we keep them in a barrel). It is being reprinted and I am told that the ink on the new copies will be touch-dry in about a month’s time. The ones in the picture above are cardboard replicas and not real.

Don’t despair though, my other cartoon publications are still available. Church House Bookshop currently have special offers on the 2012 calendar (2 for £12) ‘The Exciting World of Churchgoing‘ (£6.29) and ‘The Dave Walker Guide to the Church‘ (£5.39). UK postage is £2.50 for orders under £25.00. Other booksellers are available of course, and I link to some of them on my books page.

I can also hint at the fact that there could well be another book next year. It will perhaps be launched in approximately summer (add or subtract two seasons in either direction). The title of this entirely hypothetical volume is still to be confirmed. Thinking of a title usually takes two months of full-time looking out of the window, so if anyone has any ideas let me know.

Below: sample cartoon from the calendar: Furniture


[Large version]

Here are the notices


[Cartoon unrelated to content – for illustration purposes only]

Here are this week’s notices:

Thank you
Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to my ideas post. There are many brilliant ideas that I will be able to use, along with some sent by e-mail. Please do continue though if you think of anything else. Now all I’ve got to do is a bit of drawing.

To read an interview with me in which I talk about this and that see the Big Bible site. The interview is mainly to do with this website. Big Bible is all to do with the Big Read, a campaign encouraging people to read the Bible during Lent 2011. My friend Bex runs the website. Whether the introduction of ‘Big Bibles’ is part of the plan I have no idea. These would be for those who like to share a Bible with several friends or who find smaller print irritating. I may well suggest it.

2011 Calendar about to sell out
I have it on good authority that stocks of next year’s calendar will run out very soon – over 90% of the stock has now been sold. Last year they were on sale after Christmas as they didn’t sell out, but the same won’t happen this year. Various shops may have stock – otherwise you can order via Canterbury Press here.

Book not about to sell out
As long as people are sensible about it and form an orderly queue there will be enough copies of The Exciting Word of Churchgoing to go around. Thanks to everyone who has been buying it – it has made the Church Times Top 10 for a third month which I’m very pleased about.

Finally, if you’re looking for a small charity to support this Christmas may I recommend Esuubi, which works with children in Uganda providing education, medical care etc. My friend Kate set it up and I can vouch for the people involved. Some of my family may be getting some alternative gifts from there (please don’t tell them if you see them).