The Dave Walker Colouring Book

Dave Walker Colouring Book

I’m pleased to announce that The Dave Walker Colouring Book, a colouring book of my cartoons, will be published in August by Canterbury Press. The book features 40 or so cartoons in A4 format to colour. They include some brand new ones that I’ve drawn specifically for the book, the colouring cartoons from, and a selection of my favourite cartoons that I’ve drawn over the years that lend themselves to being coloured-in. Some of them have been reworked a bit to remove surplus text and increase colourability*. [*Possibly an actual word]

The cover gives an idea of the kind of pictures it contains. If you’ve ever wanted the opportunity to give clergy green hair – this is your chance. Warning: don’t eat any quiche that looks a bit blue, green, red AND orange.

I’m quite excited about this. The colouring pages that I put on the CartoonChurch site went down very well, (on the whole), so it is great that more similar pictures will be available in a handy-to-colour format. And whilst swirly nature colouring patterns are fine… this is something a bit different. And it is great to have something new this year while I’m in the middle of working on the cycling book.

The official publication date is 23/08/2016, so in time for the Greenbelt Festival, where it will be on sale. The price is £7.99.

Official blurb about the book (kindly written by someone else):

Fans of Dave Walker’s unique and brilliant cartoon style will welcome this latest addition to the growing range of Dave Walker books and gifts: a colouring book that all ages can enjoy. Featuring over 40 large scale cartoons celebrating the oddities of church life, and revealing what you actually need to pack when you’re camping at a festival, the shopping habits of the clergy, the mayhem of child-friendly services, the hazards of bring-and-share lunches and much more, this combines the fun of colouring with Dave’s distinctive and wry humour. So you get to calm down and laugh – what’s not to like? Dave Walker is the UK’s leading’s cartoon commentator on the church and all its workings, and has recently emerged as the cartoon expert on the world of cycling also. A professional cartoonist, web editor and former church and community youth worker, his instantly recognisable Guide to the Church cartoons appear weekly in the Church Times, and many more can be found on Dave’s website,

The book is available to preorder:

When the time comes you should be able to buy it in your local bookshop and I’d encourage such a thing, but you’ll probably need to order it. The title may well be fine, but if you quote the following number that might help things along: ISBN-13: 9781848258976

Tax Haven cartoon

File 12-05-2016, 12 25 37

This is a cartoon drawn yesterday in support of various development charities and their tax haven campaigns during the Anti-corruption summit.

It is also one of the first cartoons that I’ve drawn digitally. I’ll write more about this at some point, but in the meantime you can watch my work in progress…

I was pleased that this cartoon was shared by Oxfam International and Christian Aid, though it sounds as if there is a lot more work to be done on the corruption / tax havens front.

CartoonChurch licence price rise

shopping cartoon

The aim of this post: to write about my prices going up, without sounding either overly apologetic or salesperson-like.

There’s no easy way to decide how much to charge for something. Whatever you choose, some people will tell you that it is way too much for them, and others that you’re giving what you have or do away. I’ve had both reactions numerous times to my CartoonChurch licence prices.

A CartoonChurch annual unlimited-cartoons church licence has been £35 since 2005, when I launched the site. There was also a lower option for those who wanted more limited use, but I decided that having several rates was too complex (and I needed to make a living). It seems absurd not to have put the cost of a licence up for 11 years, but I’ve always wanted the price to be one that a church could afford without calling an extraordinary meeting, laying off the cleaner, cancelling the extension project, etc. But, having gone back to full-time cartooning, and having made significant improvements to the site, now seems like a good time.

So, from March onwards a year’s church licence will cost £42. This is still quite a lot below the 2005 price when inflation is taken into account (inflation calculator). I hope that this is still good value. For a small fraction of my commercial rates you get a good selection of my best work to use in any way you want, now including colouring pages, which you can print off any many times as you like (a lot more of those to come by the way). The single-use licence will be going up from the beginning of March too.

The good news: until 29 February you can still buy a church licence for £35 – you can find information about doing so here.

A huge thank you once again to everyone who supports what I do by buying a licence.

A new Cartoon Blog


All being well you should now be seeing this post on version 4 of the Cartoon Blog, which went live today.

The site has been moved to a fast server along with my CartoonChurch, Cycling Cartoons and Highly-Secret-Project-X websites, and I thought that while I was doing that I’d also make a few changes. The orange is back, and I’ve made the blog aspect of the site more central again. I’m also hoping that it shows off my work a little better than the previous website did.

Everything may not entirely work – if you come across anything non-functioning then please do let me know.

I thought it would be fun, while I’m on blog-changeover day, to take a look at Cartoon Blog versions 1-3. Please forgive the slightly introspective nature of the remainder of this post. (You may need to click ‘Read more’, or suchlike.)

Read moreA new Cartoon Blog

Cartooning update (I’m still going)

cycling cartoon

Hello world.

I thought I’d write an update to let you know that I’m still going, as the lack of new posts might lead one to think otherwise. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

1. Cartooning full time for the first time in years. It’s been three months now, and I’ve been enjoying it, though needing to work hard to make it work. Hence a lack of blog updates and the like.

2. Drawing regular cycling cartoons. I’m drawing for Mpora, and also one-off commissions. Some recent ones:

3. Selling cycling cartoon tea towels. But I won’t be selling them over the summer, so if you’d like one today is the last day. They’ll be back in the autumn.

4. Drawing Church Times cartoons. Aside: if you like my church cartoons some exciting news is coming shortly.

5. Getting ahead. Summer is peak cartooning time, what with being away, summer festivals and the like, so a lot of energy has been going into getting extra cartoons drawn. Ideas always welcomed – do send me an email.

6. New website projects. Not a lot more I can say yet, but wheels are turning behind the scenes.

7. Other. Going to Norfolk and Wales and elsewhere. Cycling up hills most days. Doing the laundry and feeding the livestock.

Cycling cartoons at Spin LDN

Some news. I am going to the Spin LDN cycling exhibition in a couple of weeks with a few of my cycling cartoons. This is the first time I have exhibited any of my work at a cycling or indeed any non-church event, so it will be interesting to see how it is received. The long term plan is still to find someone to publish the cartoons regularly, so I’m doing what I can to get them seen.

There is an interview with me on the Spin LDN site, here. Sorry, I was rude about church coffee. The video above was made for last year’s event, but it gives a good idea of the kind of things that go on.

I am taking tea towels to sell. Cyclists need tea towels, like everyone else. There will be two designs. They may or may not be on sale online afterwards, depending how they go.

If you can make central London on 8-10 May (just over two week’s time) and cycling is your thing then perhaps see you there.


Picture: New cards. I am now prepared to meet 999 new people (keeping one as a file copy).

All change

church times cartoon

There is some news.

Today (Thursday) is my last day working as the Web Editor of the Church Times. Yes… I suspect a large percentage of those reading didn’t know I did such a job at all. But for any that did: I’m stopping this week, by my own choice.

For the last five years I’ve made my way into the City of London every Wednesday and Thursday in order to make sure that the Church Times newspaper appears online in the early hours of Friday. The job has involved everything from making sure bolds and italics are in the right place, through to overseeing the introduction of a new site a couple of years ago. And quite a bit of walking to the kitchen, making some redbush tea, and walking back again.

In fact I’ve been travelling in to the Hymns Ancient and Modern offices in the Barbican area for seven or eight years now – I wrote a blog for the newspaper for two or so years before taking on the Web Editor role – so not going to London will make quite a change to the way a week looks.

My feelings about this: It feels incredibly sad, but I think it’s the right thing for me to do. There are aspects I’ll miss – the main one being my co-workers. I have enjoyed working with people at Hymns A&M and have made some very good friends there, who I will miss a lot. I am still continuing to draw my weekly cartoon for the paper though, so that link won’t be lost, and people have kindly said they will continue to feed me ideas for cartoons.

So what will I be doing instead? Well, I’m going back to full time cartooning and working on my own online projects. There are a few items on the ‘to do’ list which I’ve really wanted to get stuck into but never had the time to concentrate on, and I hope that now I will. I’ll say more in due course.

I am excited about this… along with feeling some mild trepidation, about making it work, surviving working on my own the whole time, etc. I may, dear blog reader(s), very occasionally ask for your help (if that’s OK).

This Sunday it will be 10 years since I started cartooning professionally, so it seems like a good time for a new start. Thanks once again to everyone for your support.

[Image: ‘Church Times’ cartoon, drawn for the CT 150th Anniversary issue]

Bring and share lunch cartoon / plans


Uploaded to The bring and share lunch

April 2015 is the 10-year anniversary of, and therefore of my being a professional cartoonist. I’m thinking of doing something to celebrate, and inviting everyone who reads my blog / website. It seems appropriate to hold a bring and share lunch, but I haven’t quite decided. It would be later in the year when it is warmer (no one likes a cold bring and share lunch). Possibly in London or Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, as the former is easy to get to and the latter has a nice chapel. No need to RSVP to this vague invitation, but any thoughts welcomed as to whether it is a good idea and whether anyone who reads my sites would come along.

Win a 2015 cartoon calendar


This competition is now closed – winners have been posted below.

Canterbury Press are running a competition and offering 5 copies of my 2015 calendar as prizes.

Here are the details (from their email).

Win a Dave Walker 2015 Calendar!

We have 5 copies to give away.

To enter, simply think of a title for Dave’s forthcoming new cartoon collection (to be released early 2015). The five best entries will each win a prize.

Email your entry to

For some inspiration, here are the titles of Dave’s current cartoon collections.

Competition ends Monday 8 December 2014 at 5pm GMT.

So, yes, I need a title for Book 5, the fifth collection of my Church Times cartoons. Not that I’m out of ideas you understand. The titles of 1 to 4 are:

  • The Dave Walker Guide to the Church
  • My Pew – Things I have seen from it
  • The Exciting World of Churchgoing
  • Peculiar Goings On

If you’d like to enter please reply to that email address, not in the comments section below. If you reply in the comments below your vote won’t count but you may still be charged your entry won’t get through. Obviously I welcome comments in the comments section, but not entries to this specific competition.

Small print: I reserve the right not to use titles suggested even if they are utterly brilliant.

If you’d like to buy a calendar anyway they are still available, but they may well sell out again this year, so worth getting your order in soonish. Details here.

Update: the winners have been announced.