Giving cartoon


This is my cartoon from last week’s Church Times, all to do with the reasons people give for not giving.

Usually the new Church Times ones don’t appear here for a while, but as a one off, after a few requests, I’m making this one free for¬†churches to use in magazines and elsewhere. Full details here:¬†

Thanks to the Church Times for allowing me to do this, and to the diocesan stewardship advisor who helped me a lot with the idea.

The verger’s store cupboard


I’m afraid there is no once again, but I’m hoping it will come back before long, at which point I can continue working on moving the site to a new host. Continued apologies. I’m very unhappy about the whole situation, but at the time of writing there’s absolutely nothing that I can do.

This is the kind of cartoon I will be able to upload at some point. It is one I did for the Church Times originally, and can be found in the book ‘Peculiar Goings On’. It is one of very few of my own cartoons that I have displayed in my home office – this one is to remind myself that I can draw cartoons. I find the labels pleasingly awkward.

Peculiar cartoons

Hello. Yes, there has been a two month gap in blog posts, for which I apologise.

But anyway, some of you may have seen that I’ve been adding cartoons to my site. There are five in fact, all from the book ‘Peculiar Goings On’. Click here to see all five. There will be more to come in a couple of weeks.

If you like these cartoons the book has all of them and many more. I know I would say this, but I think it is the best book I’ve done. Here are the links to buy it: Church House Bookshop / Amazon UK.

General Synod cartoon


The General Synod of the Church of England is meeting at the moment. This is a cartoon I did when I visited Synod in 2010 – it went down quite well on twitter earlier today, so I thought I’d post it here.