Reasons to vote ‘Remain’


My referendum cartoon. I’m expecting flak, but so far mostly civil, thankfully.

Larger version for those that struggle to read this – here.

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UK aid cartoon


A cartoon about the Parliamentary debate on UK Aid, taking place today.

This (possibly) demonstrates the advantage of drawing digitally. I was able to get this cartoon drawn and uploaded in quite a short space of time over a lunchtime, and by 3pm it had been recommended for reading for Year 9s at a school in Brighton. If I’m drawing a cartoon for a client I need to take rather more care and do more research, etc, but this shows what can be done.

For anyone interested in further reading I found the following sources useful whilst doing the drawing.

[13 June, 8pm. Text updated to be more accurate. Now says ‘National income’.]

Tax Haven cartoon

File 12-05-2016, 12 25 37

This is a cartoon drawn yesterday in support of various development charities and their tax haven campaigns during the Anti-corruption summit.

It is also one of the first cartoons that I’ve drawn digitally. I’ll write more about this at some point, but in the meantime you can watch my work in progress…

I was pleased that this cartoon was shared by Oxfam International and Christian Aid, though it sounds as if there is a lot more work to be done on the corruption / tax havens front.

Here is the news


Today’s top religion news has been about bishops and civil partnerships. I can’t blame ecclesiastical publications and religion correspondents for this – my Twitter feed today has demonstrated that it is what church people want to read and talk about. I’m sure someone out there can explain to normal everyday people why such a thing is at the top of our agendas, but that person isn’t me.

London Olympics 2012

Olympic park

The Olympic Games. An absolutely wonderful two weeks, and we were privileged to go to quite a few events. I’ve posted a set of photos from the Olympics here on Flickr, or there is a slideshow that starts here.

Update: Flickr is having problems today unfortunately. Hopefully the last third of the photos (mountain biking and a few from the marathon) will return at some point. There should be about 63 in all.

Happy New Year 2011

new year

Hello and Happy New Year (if indeed it is New Year where you are). Hope you are enjoying yourself this evening (if indeed it is evening where you are). If you are not enjoying yourself that much that really is ok too – most of us are only pretending (see diagram).

I quite like thinking up New Year resolutions. The important thing is to not take them too seriously so that when you break them it doesn’t matter too much.

I haven’t decided upon mine yet, as there is still several hours to go. When I decide upon them I will write them in a notebook. I will be starting a new notebook (a 9 x 14cm Moleskine heavy-paper no-lines sketchbook in case you are interested). One of my resolutions will involve bicycling, and another a new club I plan to start. I can’t give any more details than that at the moment. New hobbies make good resolutions, so if you’re stuck for ideas you could start there. In order to start them you may need to give up some old hobbies, otherwise a state of excessive busyness could result.

Please do share your resolutions and impending hobbies (serious or otherwise) in the comments below.

Happy New Year in any case, and all best wishes for 2011.

new year

Blogging from the G20

blogging from the g20

Just to say (for those who aren’t fed up of me going on about it) that I’ll be blogging from the G20 meeting in London’s Docklands over the next few days. Details here.

Barring technical malfunction (not out of the question by any means) I’ll be blogging in these two places:

  1. The Church Times blog
  2. On my Twitter page

As I’ve said on my Church Times blog post if you have any questions for world leaders I’d be glad to have them. I may well not get the opportunity to ask them, but you just never know.