Recruiting volunteers


This is the first of the cartoons I’ll be posting from my new book of cartoons ‘Heroes of the Coffee Rota’ – there will be more to follow over the next few weeks. This one, ‘Recruiting volunteers’, is now on and available for licence-holders to use.

Today and this weekend (until the end of Monday – 21 September) is quite a good time to buy the new book if you’re interested – Church House Bookshop have free postage on all online UK orders, which includes my books and bits and pieces.

List of places to buy the book:

The youth group


Newly added to The youth group. Licence information can be found via that link.

This cartoon may or may not have been inspired by my 7 years as a church youth worker.

This concludes my 5 new CartoonChurch cartoons. There will be more to come, but not for a week or two as I’m focussing on cycling cartoons at the moment. There’s nothing much to see, but I can assure you that things are happening behind the scenes.

The bishop’s visit

the bishop's visit

Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting about church cartoons. I’m adding five to over the next week, starting with this one, ‘The bishop’s visit’.

The high resolution version and licensing information is here: The bishop’s visit.

Bring and share lunch cartoon / plans


Uploaded to The bring and share lunch

April 2015 is the 10-year anniversary of, and therefore of my being a professional cartoonist. I’m thinking of doing something to celebrate, and inviting everyone who reads my blog / website. It seems appropriate to hold a bring and share lunch, but I haven’t quite decided. It would be later in the year when it is warmer (no one likes a cold bring and share lunch). Possibly in London or Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, as the former is easy to get to and the latter has a nice chapel. No need to RSVP to this vague invitation, but any thoughts welcomed as to whether it is a good idea and whether anyone who reads my sites would come along.