Why another new website?

Hello and welcome. So, why have I made a new website? After all, it doesn’t seem that long since the last one.

1) My davewalkercartoons.com site was, to be honest, a bit of a failure. I won’t explain why, it just was. I wasn’t updating it as a result. It is now closed and the website address should, technology allowing, redirect here. All the good cartoons from that site are now on this one.

2) You and I are using phones and tablets to look at the internet. So I needed, at the very least, a new design / wordpress theme make that possible. This one should do just that.

3) I don’t want the ‘church’ label at the top of my main site, not least because my work is now broader than that. My church cartoons site, CartoonChurch.com, is still very much there and active and I have plans to develop it, but it won’t be where my regular blog is. The Cartoon Blog on cartoonchurch.com may or may not redirect here at some point in the future, I haven’t decided.

4) I decided to lose the ‘cartoons’ from the domain name in case I want to branch out into something else. Making furniture perhaps, or tap dancing.

5) ‘.cc’ could stand for ‘cartoon church’, ‘cycling cartoons’ or ‘cauliflower collection’, you decide. But it was a domain name that was free, unlike .com or any of the good ones.

Anyway, I hope to be drawing and writing more than I have been. I hope you enjoy it.

2014 Dave Walker calendar


I’m pleased to say that I have a calendar once again for 2014, having had a one year break for 2013. It contains 12 of my favourite church-themed cartoons. They aren’t new, having appeared in the Church Times, but quite a few of them haven’t been in any books.

You can buy one from Church House Bookshop or Amazon UK¬†or, if you’re going to the Greenbelt Festival, pick one up there. I could even scribble on it for you*.

*May devalue item.