A photo a day in 2017

Needing a distraction from the things I should be getting on with and current world events I attempted to post a photo a day during 2017. You can find my daily photos in the following places:

The bar for photograph quality was set low. The pictures were taken on my phone, which means that those in low light aren’t always brilliant. And I realised that for every day I manage an attractive shot of Southend seafront (above) there are several that consist of me not really leaving the house and mostly sitting at the computer or drawing tablet.

I allowed occasional use of a photo taken on a previous day, but most of the time they are a photo taken that day.

Benefits of this scheme: I can now tell you something I did on most of the days in January and February. My findings: very little.

Anyone else doing something similar? Let me know.

Cycling in Amsterdam


This week I had the opportunity to ride a bike in Amsterdam, and I took some photos. If, like me, you’ve never cycled in the Netherlands, it is quite an experience to ride with so many people in such a bicycle-friendly place. For more on how the bicycle came to be so central in the Netherlands see this Guardian article, ‘How Amsterdam became the bicycle capital of the world‘.


An example of a cycle route, this one behind Central Station in Amsterdam. Most roads have some kind of bike lane, many entirely segregated like this one. The surfaces are smooth, and they are designed to give priority to bikes most of the time.

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Opening of the Heath Robinson Museum

heath_robinson_museum_logo_the_beautiful_memeAvid readers paying close attention might remember that a few months ago I visited the site of the new museum in Pinner, north London, dedicated to illustrator William Heath Robinson. Well, today the Heath Robinson Museum opened to the public, and I was there at the opening ceremony, taking some photos, and having a long-awaited first look inside.

Well, here it is. The new museum, with chairs set out ready for the opening ceremony.

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Not so crazy now

Abandoned crazy golf course

Photograph: abandoned crazy golf course, Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote. This is why Spain are not a force to be reckoned with on the international crazy golf scene.

I have been uploading some holiday photographs. Scroll down/click ‘read the rest of this entry’ below if you’d like to see a few of them. I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t. There are some more on the set on Flickr, or they can be seen in large slideshow format, here.

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Image: ‘Camel’, taken last weekend whilst on holiday. Lanzarote seems 1700 miles away to me now.

First of all: belated apologies that this site entirely died for a few days whilst I was away. I’m hoping that it won’t happen again, but one never really knows.

I’m hoping to be back on the blog a bit more from now on as it is good for me and I enjoy it. Perhaps even on a daily basis, though I think taking weekends off might be wise. Be warned that I am aiming to let quality standards dip a bit. I know, I say this every time I come crawling back, but this time I really mean it. For instance I may post one holiday photograph a day – I think I took about 340 so that is a year taken care of.

Anyway, thanks for tuning in once again.


Cartooning department

I made this sign today. Well, a machine did. But I watched.

I will put it in my office in case I forget what I do.

Note for readers from the design world: I was not responsible for kerning.

My only aim for this week was to make a spice rack. I told the man, but he said that I would not be capable, and that the attempt would lead to misery, gnashing of teeth, etc. He was almost certainly right. And on the plus side if I had made a spice rack I would not have a set of paraphernalia hooks or a sign reminding me what I do.

Please excuse a slight lack of update today. I am affected by the cold and also anxieties about what is to come. The pressure is most definitely on. But things will be OK.

Woodwork update

Key hooks

This is my row of hooks on a piece of wood, made this afternoon in woodwork. It is, on the face of it, a key holder, but I am planning to use it more for paraphernalia and that kind of thing. Stop and think about it for a minute – if a burglar breaks into your house and they see a key-shaped row of hooks, they will immediately know that it is a holder for keys. And if they steal all of your keys you are in all sorts of trouble. Whereas if it is used for paraphernalia they will be momentarily baffled and quite possibly forget what they broke in for.

I haven’t decided exactly what kinds of paraphernalia yet. Possibly hats, gloves and rulers. Or nine different categories of paperclip. Something that can be hung up, anyway. Please feel free to make suggestions.

Tomorrow I will be doing sports all day. My tracksuit bottoms will have their annual airing. You can of course follow all of this and more via the Twitter hashtag #craftsportweek.

Life in the Church Times office

On Wednesdays and Thursdays I work in London as the web editor of the Church Times newspaper. In today’s 150th anniversary issue (see yesterday’s post) there is, amongst lots of other things, a selection of pictures showing us doing what we do. To be honest it is mainly people sitting and looking at computers, as in most offices. That said there is the odd tea break and passing of pieces of paper from one person to another, as you will see if you look at the online slideshow, which includes some extra photos not included in the paper. Amongst these additional pictures is one of the web editor looking terribly apprehensive (image 15 of 18). Oh dear.

Cartooning update (minor): I think it is true to say that I have never been busier in terms of freelance cartoon jobs, which is a good thing, but the pressure will be on for the next seven days. Hopefully over the next week or so I will be able to tell you a bit more about one or two of the projects that I have been / will be working on. Hopefully I can continue daily blogging too, but if it does stop one day that may be why.

Free gifts from the bicycle show


Free items picked up at the bicycle show, and how they will be useful:

  • Waterproofing liquid (soak then agitate thoroughly)
  • Aromatic massage gel for joints (and indeed muscles)
  • Sensitive face care hydro gel for men (no greasy residue)
  • Putty to repair things (finish with wetted spatula)
  • Firming body oil (firms within 2 weeks)
  • High protein recovery milk drink (shake well)
  • A Kit Kat

Having been out in the rain to fill in a hole I will be able to restore my weary joints and muscles, soften and nourish my skin (and improve my natural beauty), before sitting down for a chunky bar of chocolate and a milky drink.