My WordCamp talk – slides and links

Today I’ve been giving a talk at WordCamp London about WordPress, the software that runs this website. The video of the talk should be online at some stage, but in the meantime here are the slides I used.

Links to websites I mentioned will follow here – sorry that, owing to mild incompetence, they aren’t in the slides.

Here is my ’20 Reasons to Love WordPress’ cartoon, first seen during my talk.


WordCamp talk: The WordPress Cartoonist

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m speaking at WordCamp London in March. WordCamp, for those not in the know, is a conference for people with an interest in WordPress, the software that runs this website.

My talk is entitled ‘The WordPress Cartoonist – a User’s Perspective’. Here is the official description:

WordPress has been an invaluable tool as I’ve made my living as a cartoonist for the last 12 years. In this talk I’ll share some handy hints for running a creative business using WordPress, including some of the themes and plugins I’ve found most useful, lessons learned, and mistakes made (and there have been a few of those). All illustrated with some cartoons, including one or two brand new ones created specially. Drawing experience not required.

I’d thoroughly recommend WordCamp if WordPress is something that interests you. Take a look at the schedule and see whether it appeals. I’ve been the last two years and thoroughly enjoyed it. Quite a few of the talks are rather technical and go right over my head, or are aimed at people who develop WordPress websites for a living, but I’ve always found plenty to keep me interested as a WordPress user and someone using WordPress to run a business. WordCamp tickets are incredibly good value, and include food during the day and a t-shirt. Details here.

My talk is on the Sunday, 19 March. For those who can’t make it, or for whom a whole weekend about websites would be too much excitement in one go: I’ll post a transcript / slides after the event.

My talk in Southend

screen-capture-13I’m only doing one event in 2015, and it is in Southend next week. Information is here: Crowstone Church – A Living Conversation with Dave Walker.

When I say ‘speaking’, I mean I will be interviewed and show some of my cartoons. I plan to talk about my work, including both church and cycling cartoons, and show some work that you may not have seen. There will be books on sale. It would be lovely to see you if you can make it.

The details: Thursday 5th November, 7.30pm, Crowstone Church (Map) (Chalkwell / Westcliff stations – about an hour from London).

An evening with Dave Walker

dw at st saviours

The prospect of an evening with Dave Walker will fill some with dread, but in case there are any who would like to see me talking and hear me showing diagrams there is an opportunity to do so in a week or two.

From 7.30pm on Tuesday 21 June I will be speaking with illustrations at St Saviour’s Westcliff, near Southend, Essex (map). It is free and you are welcome to turn up. It is easily reachable by train from London – takes about an hour.

This is probably the only talk I am doing this year as I have said no to everyone else. I don’t know precisely what I will be talking about but it will be a bit about my work and a bit explaining the church. Some new drawings will be included. If this doesn’t fill the evening I will sing some songs (joke). The occasion is the St Saviour’s Centenary year. Catch it while you can as I am not available for the bicentenary. If cartoons aren’t your thing there is a male voice choir in July.

Cards and books will be on sale and I have a strong suspicion that tea will be served.

It would be lovely to see you if you can make it.

Late night shopping reminder

Today I am preparing for the Church House Bookshop late night shopping (’til 6.30) evening. I will be taking a large cartoon and a portable easel.

This is the poster in case you have no idea what I’m on about:

church house bookshop

I’m under no illusions that anyone will be flocking from far and wide because I will be there, but hopefully some people will flock for the 10% off and the seasonal refreshments. It will be good to loiter and chat with people anyway.

A late night shopping treat

church house bookshop event

There is to be a late night shopping event at Church House Bookshop in London next week at which I will be appearing. Readers of the Church Times may have seen the advertisement which lists me as one of a selection of ‘seasonal treats’ along with ‘10% off’ and ‘refreshments’.

Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that the ‘late night’ event finishes at 6.30pm. I realise that this might not seem late to some people, but I have to be in by 8pm back in Essex or I will be late for my dinner.

You will also observe that there will be ‘a special cartoon taster’. I do not know what this will be yet. Perhaps I will be showing some drawings, or maybe I will perform a song or a short play. We do not yet know. I have listed this post under ‘talks’ just in case talking is involved. If you have any requests for the cartoon taster please put them in the comments. Please note that I will not do liturgical dance for health reasons.

Do come along if you’re in London. The Church House Bookshop is a good shop, and I am not just saying that because they described me as a seasonal treat.

Holy Joes, 6th November

I’m going along to Holy Joes in London on Tuesday the 6th of November 2007 to talk and show pictures. I’m writing this here mainly as an advance reminder to self that I have to think of something to say.

Holy Joes is a discussion group sort of thing that meets in the downstairs bit of St Mary Le Bow on Cheapside at 8pm. It was the group founded by Dave Tomlinson among others. He was the man who wrote ‘the Post Evangelical’.

The programme says about my visit: “Dave joins us to show us some of his work and discuss comedy in church … trust us … he finds it in the most unlikely places“. I’m not sure whether that is saying that I find church in the most unlikely of places, comedy in the most unlikely of places, or my work in the most unlikely of places. I certainly do find my work in the most unlikely of places – that is what happens when your filing system is a bit haphazard.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the evening in question. I’ll see one or two of you there perhaps.

Gig at the Portsmouth Diocesan Conference

badgeI had a fantastic time at the Portsmouth Diocesan Conference in Chichester. The talk went really well I think – everyone seemed to enjoy themselves anyway. I needn’t have worried about a pointing device – the gig was in a top class theatre with a huge screen so I wouldn’t have been able to reach the salient points with a pointer even if I’d have wanted to. Before my session I had the privilege of being seated on the VIP’s table at the Conference Dinner, which was rather splendid. Afterwards I went to the bar and sat at the table with the naughty priests. Oh, the stories I could tell. All in all a great 24 hours with a great bunch of people.

I didn’t sell any copies of my book, but that’s because I didn’t take any to sell. There was a good reason – it is being reprinted again, which I am pleased about. Hopefully it will be available again very shortly. I did sell a few calendars and cards to passers-by whilst sitting in the quadrangle during the afternoon. Very pleasant.

I’d quite like to do some more cartoon talks as I really did rather enjoy myself. If you know of any institutions or events that are looking for a cartoonist to come and show some drawings about the church whilst talking and perhaps waving a long pointy thing then get in touch. I do have very particular requirements for my dressing room etc, but we can talk about that sort of thing.

Update: the Portsmouth Diocesan website has a report of the conference here.

Addressing the Clergy

tube disruptionTomorrow I am off to do a live gig in Chichester at the Diocese of Portsmouth Clergy Conference. They have asked me to impart wisdom to them on matters of an ecclesiastical nature. My talk will consist mainly of drawings that will be projected and I will talk about various in-depth aspects of things. I will be staying there in plush surroundings so there will probably not be a blog entry here tomorrow.

Today I had a look for a pointer sort of a thing to use in my talk so that I can point at interesting aspects of the drawings in a scholarly way. I was after something like this telescopic pointer pen [Link out of date – removed], but I phoned Staples and it is just something they put on their website rather than something they actually stock. The technical name for this is that it is ‘discontinued’. I am aware that these days one can get laser powered pointing devices [Link out of date – removed], but I am from the old school and would prefer a physical stick sort of thing to point. I would probably be a danger to shipping with the laser sort (possibly literally) and could end up shining it inadvertently at an archdeacon who would be caught like a rabbit in one red and quite dangerous headlight.

I had a good look around the garage to see if I had any telescopic pointing devices lying around. In the old days I used to have lots of old stereos which would be very happy to have their aerials ripped off, but in these modern days of ‘throw it away if it is useless’ I am clean out of retractable whathaveyous.

I am sure that some readers have spare telescopic items lying around which I could perhaps borrow, but now it is too late as I am off on the 8.07am as I need to allow goodness knows how many hours to get past London (see diagram).