Church halls and celebrity speakers

Cartoons from ‘How to Avoid the Peace’

I’ve been adding some cartoons from ‘How to Avoid the Peace’ to Here are the latest two, in larger-then-usual no-sidebar-on-the-page form. First of all ‘The church hall’…

And ‘The celebrity speaker’…

There are more to come. I’ve got two of my favourites from the book that I’ll be posting this week, and you can see these, and the 8 I’ve posted so far, here: How to Avoid the Peace cartoons. As always licence-holders can use these cartoons in their church magazines, newsletters, in talks, and elsewhere – details here.


  1. That is a really easy church hall to hire!! It is fine if you are willing to pay lots of money, but if you are church group wanting to use it, which is free, there are no spare spaces. I kid you not! We have rooms, some bigger than others, plus the sanctuary. We are Methodists, so no bar if you are having a party. We rent out half the car park as well during the week to a local company. This being on the internet, I will refrain from sarcastic comments about how they spend the vast rent money on different things to those the Jesus might spend them on. 😉

    1. Thanks Liz. Yes, we’re Methodists too, so a lot of hirers are put off by the no alcohol rule. Impressed that you manage to find so many hirers, though point about the money noted…

  2. Long time since we have had a real celebrity speaker. But I have been to them at other places, and it is interesting how different the events are in different places. I go to some in synagogues too – their food is amazing, and the people are really lovely and friendly and no-one tries to convert you in a synagogue in the way some people do in a church.

  3. Sleepovers are an exciting form of church hall usage. Youth group events, or prison ministry teams, or cursillo. Leading to discussions of whether to install showers. That leads to discussions of a shower ministry for the homeless.

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