All written and graphic content is Copyright © 1999-2023 Dave Walker. Any unauthorised publication on web pages or in print will constitute an infringement of copyright.

That’s the harsh legal stuff out of the way. It has to be said, but on the other hand I’m very keen that my work is shared and enjoyed. Here’s how you can do it.

Posting of cartoons

I have a membership programme in place, Diagram Club, which gives members the right to use material from the ‘Diagrams’ section of this website. If you’re a member please see the Membership Conditions page linked in your dashboard for details.

Reuse of cartoons – General guidelines

My current policy: I ask people to either 1) share / retweet / link to my posting of my work rather than posting images themselves; or 2) Join my Diagram Club, which allows use of my work.

Clarification about sharing: Clicking ‘share’ or ‘retweet’ or ‘add to to story’ under one of my posts – absolutely free. Posting an image yourself, so uploading to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – I ask that you join my Diagram Club.

I know that not everyone will adhere to this, but I can ask politely. But please, whatever you do, don’t post my work without a mention that the cartoon is mine, or without tagging me in the same post. So a written tag or link, not just the tag that already appears on the image, and in the same post, not a following one.

Please don’t modify my work, or remove the website address from an image.

I can’t currently allow translations of my work – I’m sorry – please see the translations page.


Please retweet the cartoon on my account, @davewalker rather than posting my work yourself. If the cartoon is drawn for a client please retweet or link to their posting of it, rather than posting the image yourself. Or just use the sharing button under any of the cartoons.


Please see my Facebook page Dave Walker Cartoons and share a cartoon from one of those pages rather than uploading it yourself. Or, once again, use one of the sharing buttons. If the cartoon you are looking for isn’t on my Facebook page let me know, and I will post it.


Sharing my posting of an image on my @davewalkercartoons account in your stories with a link to my profile is fine. Thank you.

A similar principle applies with my accounts on Mastodon, Threads and Bluesky, though I am a bit less active on them at the time of writing – thank you.


Historically I have allowed use of an occasional cartoon on personal blogs with a link, and I’m happy for cartoons previously posted in this way to remain.

From October 2022 I ask anyone wanting to use my work to join my Diagram Club.

Commercial websites and blogs (or if you’re not sure) – please contact me.

Licences for republication

Non-profit organisations can purchase licences to re-use my church cartoons. Membership for reproducing my cycling and other cartoons: see my Diagram Club.

If you are a commercial organisation and would like to re-use a cartoon please get in touch. Thank you!