COVID-19 Update

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is OK during this quite challenging time. I thought I’d post an update on what I’m doing, and indeed what I’m not doing.
When the lockdown started it seemed that the most useful contribution I could make was probably to produce resources for churches and clergy to use. I also realised that 95% of the material on my site was no long particularly relevant for the current times, as they mostly show people milling around together in church, holding face to face meetings, that kind of thing. So, over the last few months I’ve produced quite a bit of new material for, along with some free work for everyone to enjoy. I made the site free for personal use so anyone can print off and use what I do, and ‘Pay what you can afford’ for churches, with half-price and free licence options. There will be more to come.

Budget Cycling
I’ve launched a new website, Budget Cycling. In summary: it is a guide to saving money by cycling, and getting going on a bike without spending a fortune. This is a project I’d been working on for over a year during my spare time, but I decided to launch it given the greater-then-usual number of people for whom it might currently be useful. I have plans to develop the website as time goes on, although there probably won’t be significant amounts of new content until the summer / autumn. In the meantime I’m posting quick tweets at @budgetcycling if I spot interesting cycling-moneysaving news.

Church Times
I still have a cartoon slot in the Church Times newspaper, but I’m afraid you won’t be seeing much from me for the time being.

Freelance work
A lot of people contact me about drawing cartoons, for which I’m very grateful. During June and July nearly all of my time is being taken up with a major project and trying to maintain my sanity whilst doing it, so I’m not taking on any new freelance commissions for these two months. I’m probably taking on very little for the remainder of 2020. I’m sorry about this, but I’m just under too much pressure as it is. Please feel free to contact me about doing work for you during the autumn or next year, but I’m going to have to wait and see how things go before committing to anything, I’m afraid. Any enquiries need to give an indication of budget available – I’m not currently quoting for work.

For those enquiring about cartoon usage – sorry if I’m slower than usual in getting back to you. I’m doing the best I can, but if you don’t hear anything within a week please feel free to ask me again. If you’re asking about my church cartoons and you represent a local church – should have the info you need.

For anyone contacting me about translation projects. My cycling cartoons are translated into different languages by publishers who buy the rights to them, so I can’t allow any other translations. Any other translation projects – I’m sorry, I don’t have the admin resources to give the go ahead to these at the moment. I’ve written more about this here.

People asking about colouring-in my cartoons. By all means do so at home with coloured pencils or felt tips or whatever, and I welcome your sending them to me. Please don’t create new versions of my work coloured-in electronically and post them online.

This website
This site won’t really be updated that much for a few months. For those that follow me for my cycling and transport-related cartoons – there will be plenty more coming in the future, I promise. Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime – I hope you enjoy the work I am sharing. Thanks for your support.

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