Becoming a Diagram Club member is a way you can fund my latest work, whilst getting various pretty good benefits at the same time.

I know you’ll want to hear more, so I’ve included answers to some Frequently-Asked Questions below. Click or tap on each question to see the answer.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Please see the table below for full details, but for a (hopefully) very reasonable annual fee you can support my work, get access to exclusive bits and bobs you can print, join the Diagram Club community on Facebook, join online events, and other benefits, some of which I haven’t thought of yet.

In the past I have drawn cartoon books and sold cartoon merchandise. Whilst I’ve had excellent publishers, books on their own can’t fund the work that I do. And as for merchandise: the truth is that most of us don’t really need a lot more ‘stuff’ in our homes, so I don’t want to focus on selling ‘things’ with cartoons on.

I’m particularly keen to produce not only fun stuff that hopefully cheers people’s days up, but also work that makes people think. In particular, the way we travel, in particular promoting cycling and walking as a good choice for local journeys for those that can. At a time of climate crisis I feel this is an important message, and funding this work through membership makes this work possible to produce.

I’m planning work on the following broad topics:

  • Current events
  • Everyday life
  • Sustainable transport
  • Cycling

It’s a bit of a peculiar mix, I know, but I decided that I’m at my best when I have the option to do a mix of work around my specific interests (cycling and sustainable transport) along with anything else that attracts my attention (current events, everyday life).

The choice of specific diagram topics is ultimately my own, but one of the benefits of membership will be the opportunity to suggest ideas, and guide my direction.

I considered this for a long time, but decided to use my own website for a number of reasons.
1) It means I’m not subject to the whims of the owners of a separate platform;
2) There a quite a few things that can be done on a website that can’t be done on a platform like Patreon, in particular arranging all my artwork in a way that allows people to browse and search easily. It should enable a much better experience for those who would like to reuse my work.
3) I quite enjoy playing around with WordPress.

I’m promising an average of one diagram a week over a year, but my intention is to do significantly more than that. The formats will vary from very simple to rather more complex.

I just like the word. And it suggests something more than the traditional ‘one picture and one caption’ idea of a cartoon.

There is a page with specific details, but in summary: you can use them in talks, on social media, and in printed publications.

I ask for a credit that includes tagging me when my work is used on social media.

The cartoons in the ‘Diagrams’ section of this website. Initially this won’t be a huge number, but it will grow over time.

The diagrams will include some, but not all, of the images from my books.

If there’s a diagram that you’d like to use, but it isn’t included in the ‘Diagrams’ section, please get in touch.

If you’re interested in my church-themed work, please see my CartoonChurch website.

I spent a lot of time considering this, and considered setting up a forum on this website. But the technical challenges are really too great long term, and Facebook is understood by most people, and it means that members should actually see the updates. I know, there are reasons Facebook isn’t ideal. If you’ve left Facebook, could you set up an entirely blank account and use it just for this? I know it won’t work for everyone, but it’s the best I can do.

Yes, you can. If you’ve paid for a year, and and you change in the middle of that year, the website should calculate the difference. Any problems on that front: please do get in touch.

It’s really difficult to know how much to charge for things, but I’ve done my best to give a range of choices.

The standard membership is very approximately the price of a coffee a month, depending on where you buy your coffee.

I’ve tried to set the price so that standard membership is open to as many people as possible, but there are options at a range of prices for those who can afford more.

i totally understand – it’s a tricky time, to say the least. I might be able to offer additional membership options for those who genuinely can’t afford to join at the current time. Please get in touch with me.

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Diagram club Membership

  • Regular cartoon-update emails
  • Enabling Dave’s work to continue
  • Members’ Community on Facebook
  • Things you can print
  • Online events (Q and A sessions, etc)
  • Use of diagrams: online, printed, and presentations
  • Offers on future merchandise

£2 / month

Billed annually at £24 per year

Various ‘Pay what you can afford’
options available


If you’d like to use my work in any commercial setting (broadly defined as somewhere where you’re making money, or being paid – but please see the conditions for details) please get in touch with me. Essentially: one size doesn’t fit all!