From A to B

My cartoon manifesto for everyday cycling

I’m very pleased to say that my new book: From A to B – A Cartoon Guide to Getting Around by Bike has been published by Bloomsbury (8 July 2021).

The follow up to The Cycling Cartoonist, the new book From A to B has a bit of a different slant. I’ve described it as ‘A manifesto for pedal-powered transport’, as it contains all the things I really wanted to say about riding a bike.  This is not so much about the sport side of cycling, but more about riding a bike as an everyday means of getting around, and all the joys and challenges that involves. Some of the topics covered: How to get started and choose a bike, staying safe, the problem of traffic, good and bad cycling infrastructure, responses to objections about cycling, going on adventures, and even a bit about how cycling can change the world.

This is all communicated through cartoons, drawn in my usual style. A mixture of comedy and (hopefully) actually useful information. The vast majority of the drawings are brand new material, and most of it was drawn during lockdown in 2020. I really hope you enjoy it. It’s a book for anyone who rides a bike, and especially those who’d like to see more people doing so.

If you’d like to order the book you can do so now using the links below.

Inside you’ll find over 100 full-page cartoons that cast an affectionate eye over the delights and challenges of cycling: from everyday commuting to cycling adventures, and everything in between.

This cartoon manifesto for pedal-powered transport is a mixture of comedic insights and actually useful information, for everyone from beginners to seasoned cycling campaigners. These are funny, thoughtful and powerful cartoons from best-selling cartoonist Dave Walker, celebrating the simple pleasure of getting from A to B on two wheels.

Topics addressed include:
– Motivational sentiments for riding up hills
– Ways to keep your saddle dry in the rain
– Things you could carry on a cargo bike
– A traffic report for the National Cycle Network

Where to buy the book (UK):

Buy now: Bloomsbury
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Buy now: Amazon UK
Buy now: Church House Bookshop
Buy now: WHSmith
Buy now: Blackwell’s
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Where to buy the book (outside the UK)

You can order from a UK website from 8 July. The book should also be available on other Amazon sites (, etc) from that date.

Publication in the USA was 7 September.
Buy on US Amazon site:

Publication date in Australia was 31 August
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Things people have said:

“Pure joy. Happy, generous, funny, kind, wise and full of fresh air. An absolutely wonderful book.” – Jeremy Vine

“A glorious celebration of the wonder and absurdity of cycling” – Ned Boulting

“Dave combines artistic ability with insight to show just why a picture is worth a thousand words. Engaging, entertaining and enlightening without relying on text is a rare ability.” – Chris Boardman


The WashingMachinePost:

Read through this book as if you were a velocipedinal naysayer, posing perceived obstacles to adopting the bicycle as transport. you may rapidly find that each of those obstacles is undermined one gripe at a time, leaving the non-believer with nowhere to hide.