What’s included?

A Diagram Club Membership Gift Token is a great way to give someone all of the benefits of Diagram Club, including:

  • Helping to fund my work, and enabling it to continue
  • Enabling most of my work to be free to anyone
  • Joining a community of likeminded people (hosted on Facebook)
  • The opportunity to suggest ideas for new work
  • Non-profit usage of diagrams, in talks, print, and on social media
  • Online events, such as Q and A sessions
  • Things to print, such as planners and colouring pages
  • Discounts on future merchandise
  • Regular update emails

If you have more questions about Diagram Club generally the standard Diagram Club signup page (will open in new window), has lots of information, including a list of Frequently-Asked Questions.

How Membership Gift Tokens work

(Please read this before going ahead just to make sure you’re happy with the process!)

First of all, pay for the Membership Gift Token here.

You’ll then receive a printable card which you can give to the recipient, which contains instructions on how to redeem the membership gift token, including a web address and a special code.

The whole process happens online – neither you nor the recipient will receive anything in the post.

Please note: The recipient will still need to put payment information (Paypal or credit card) into the website form when they redeem their membership gift token, but they won’t have to pay any money. Once they have joined they can remove their payment information if they want to, or they can leave it in the system and see if they want to renew in a year’s time.