Great technological advancement


Anyone who has followed me (digitally) over the last few years will know that my church cartoons site,, has been having difficulties. A reoccurring problem that no one could fix, along with an incompetently-run web hosting company, a *different* moving-the-site problem that no one could fix, and my own incompetence, all combined to produce an unsatisfactory situation.

I’m pleased to say that I have, at last, found ways around all of these complications and have moved the domain name and hosting, and, at the time of writing, everything works. This should mean that at last I’ll be able to post more regular church cartoons without being halted by the site going down, which I’m pleased about. To a lot of people moving domains and websites are, I’m sure, fairly simple tasks, but it has been a bit of a hurdle for me and so I’m happy that I’ve learnt how to do it.

More changes are still to come. An entirely new and improved is on it’s way, but stage one is complete at least.

Thanks in particular to all licence holders, who are the ones who make the site possible, for their patience. There should be a plenty of new material for you on its way.

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5 thoughts on “Great technological advancement

  1. So glad you’ve got the difficulties ironed out, Dave.
    Looking forward very much to normal (or even better) service resumed 🙂

  2. The Machines Are Winning

    Split – second timing
    Database priming
    Cyberspace criming
    Upgrading, climbing.

    Facebook-style friend
    Friendships that end
    Receive now, or send
    Block then, don’t mend.

    I-player, You-player
    Electronic soothsayer
    Square-eyed Dragonslayer
    Turn it on, be a Stayer.

    Machines can’t feel
    (Can they?) They just deal
    With things that seem real.
    It’s our imaginations they steal.

    Tom Bartlett

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