New book: Heroes of the coffee rota

Out now! 90 church-themed cartoons.

Heroes fc3

I’m pleased to announce that a new book of my cartoons is to be published on 21 August. It is called ‘Heroes of the Coffee Rota’.

It contains 90 of my church-themed cartoons. Subjects tackled include:

  • Arriving late: How to cause maximum disruption
  • How churches celebrate the end of term
  • Church cleaning – how to make it seem as if you have done a good job
  • How to avoid volunteering for Deanery Synod
  • Flower arranging – career progression
  • The foodbank – perhaps we need to ask why this is happening

I hope you enjoy it. I know I always say this, but I do tend to prefer my more recent drawings, so I’d like to think this represents some of the best work I’ve done. But perhaps you need to be the judge. If nothing else each cartoon stands for a week’s toil and thinking ‘How on earth am I going to get one more cartoon done?’

You can pre-order the book in the following places:

As with all other books you buy if you buy from Amazon the author gets less money, but we all do it. If you can support another shop then so much the better.


  1. There is indeed and it is available now – I have updated this site and to include links. Sorry – should have done so months ago.

  2. I have been out of circulation, so wouldn’t have seen any earlier mention of calendar. But I have been and ordered the book and the calendar, one each for myself and my daughter. And my non-church attending daughter who cycles a lot loved the Cycling tea-towel that “Mags the besets and cutest bunny rabbit” gave her for her birthday. I don’t suppose you do a cycling calendar as well do you?

  3. Thanks for the ‘heads-up’. Have pre-ordered from Aslan who seem to be offering a discount (to £6.99) with free delivery – much better than Amazon for the customer as well as (hopefully) the author

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