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What happened when a bicycle shop posted one of my cartoons without credit

Yesterday a cycling shop posted one of my cartoons with the credit removed. I try to be generous with the use of my work online, but it is frustrating when a cartoon that will earn me very little money anyway is posted with no way for a reader to find me. It turned out that they hadn’t removed the credit themselves, but still, I wasn’t very happy.

Today emails were exchanged, they apologised, a link was added to the original post, and the situation was resolved. This was their apology on Facebook (image also posted above). I liked it – a creative response. Thank you Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative. A conversation is ongoing, and hopefully good things will come of it.


  1. That’s brilliant – as one of the many friends and appreciators of your work who make a noise on their social media, I’m really pleased they responded so well…

    The challenge now is to find the source of the rogue who deleted your copyright in the first place and perhaps we can help them to understand just how hard it is to be a creative these days and why removing copyright is stealing.

  2. My daughter is a cyclist, and as her treat to herself she decided to do a London to Amsterdam bike ride for her 30th Birthday. And I gave her your book as one of your gifts, and she loves it. You being a cyclist and a Christian works well for me – I have a cycling daughter and a Christian daughter. hahahaha

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