How to Avoid the Peace

Tips for advanced churchgoing

Exciting book news! My next cartoon book, published by Canterbury Press, is now available. ‘How to avoid the Peace – Tips for advanced churchgoing’ is the sixth collection of my ‘Guide to the Church’ series of cartoons, originally published in the Church Times newspaper.

Along with the title cartoon, ‘The Peace* – How to avoid it if it isn’t really your sort of thing’, this volume includes…

  • A sacred office: The changing of the OHP bulb
  • Worship: How to spot when jollity is being enforced
  • Clearing out the church: Deciding what can go in the skip
  • Less demanding options for observing Lent
  • How to reorder your church without anyone noticing
  • Ways to misbehave when visiting clergy are taking the service
  • An A to Z of pastoral visiting
  • Bishops – promotion and relegation
  • What is really going on in the pews during a service?
  • A guide to the places you may or may not sit
  • Instructions for wedding guests
  • How to stop new people joining your home group
  • Church noticeboards: The seven deadly sins
  • The nativity play: Pedantic / scholarly version

…and many more.

One new development: there’s a new format for my books! For the first time in this series this book is in a horizontal landscape format. This will make for easier browsing, and since ‘The Cycling Cartoonist’ my books aren’t going to line up neatly on a shelf anyway.

Some cartoons from ‘How to avoid the Peace’ will appear on my site very soon, but the book will be the only place to find them all. And in any case, cartoons are, I think, best in print.

You can buy in the following places…

*Explanation: ‘The Peace’ takes place during Anglican and other church services. We shake hands and say ‘Peace be with you’, echoing the words of Christ. Other people have written about sharing the Peace more eloquently than I could do: See Scott Gunn: ‘The Peace and how we fail to pass it’; Kester Brewin ‘Sharing the Peace (Then Being Right Haddocks)’


  1. I have been saying for years avoiding the peace is an advanced church going technique! I am looking forwards to this book and so will my church going piano students (whose weekly delight is to study the Dave Walker calendar before their lesson and they have been planning what should go in the skip with much glee…)

    Being the organist does help in peace avoiding, but I appreciate it’s not a common technique….

  2. I love the peace, I am a definite hugger – although I only hug those who are also hugger. Ordered one for older daughter as well as myself – she is the church going daughter. The other daughter, the cycling everywhere imaginable, loved your cycling cartoon book!

    My thoughts about the skip are not very Christian, it would be wrong to put members of the congregation in there. 😉

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