How to read in church

Work on your diction


This is a category of cartoons entitled ‘vaguely humorous, but also possibly slightly useful’ in that the advice given is intended to be actually valid.

You can find the cartoon here on Reading the lesson, or in the book, ‘Heroes of the Coffee Rota‘.

On the subject of reading in church, a reader on Twitter kindly offered the following advice from c1950.


  1. When I was 8 and had just started Sunday School, I was asked to read a recitation at the Sunday School Anniversary. This was 50 years ago, no microphones or sound systems in churches. Mum taught me the words, a verse each evening, and then I had to stand on the toilet seat in the bathroom whilst she stood downstairs in the opposite corner of the house, listening. I don’t remember how she did it, but by the time the day arrived, I was able to speak clearly and throw my voice such that I was able to hear throughout the very full church. Without shouting. I can still remember part of the poem, and am a confident public speaker. She did a good job.

    1. We had reading competitions when I was in Sunday School. I was never very good at them. Fear, probably. But I quite enjoy speaking in front of people now.

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