How you can help me with cartoons

I’d quite like your assistance, if you are able and / or willing

people helping with ideas

A blog post – who would have thought it.

Reasonably eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that my cartoons are back in the Church Times after not being there for a while. This means that I need to produce new material, and this isn’t always the easiest of processes, what with one thing and another. So, I’d quite like your help, if you are able and / or willing.

Ways you can help

1. If you have specialist knowledge about some area of church life or some other topic that would fit my Church Times slot I’d like to hear from you. This can be anything. A role you have, a task you do, an organisation you are in. Anything. If you have an idea about how this could turn into a cartoon that is great, but it is not at all essential. Please send me an email about it. I always try to reply to emails, but it may take a few days. If I don’t reply please feel to ask me why not as it could mean your email has gone awry.

2. Some of the best cartoon-gathering times happen over a coffee or a beer. If you’re within public transport reach of South Essex (I don’t really have a car) and could gather a couple of people with the aforementioned specialist information that could be really useful. Again, get in touch.

3. I have a secret (online) group of people who very kindly help me with ideas, which I don’t tell anyone about. I mainly only invite people I know to this I’m afraid, but I could make an occasional exception if you’re not an axe murderer. If you’d be interested let me know. But don’t tell anyone the group exists as it is a secret.

As ever I’m afraid I can’t use all ideas I am sent, but I always do my best with them. And I can’t meet up with everyone owing to constraints of time and geography. I may add some other ways you can help if I think of them. Thank you for reading.

[Image: People explaining about specialist topics.]


  1. Hello Dave, I’m writing, not because I have ideas but because I’m delighted to see you back in the Church Times, I miss you when you’re not there & sometimes even contemplate writing a note to them to say where are you…

    So maybe there is an idea here, ‘where is the vicar/reader/administrator or whoever you’re looking for & where would they like to be (I’m sure you’ve done something like that before, but wouldn’t hurt to repeat it)
    Also as a cycling cleric I’d love cartoon which mixes two of your genres, bikes & church (maybe including climate change for good measure…)

    Thanks for all the work & creativity, your calendar was the highlight of Christmas for the Churchwardens & others in my previous parish, I’ve not got too many of them to repeat the purchase (having gone rural!)


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