The hymns

Sing, but stop when everyone else does.

the hymns

Cartoon from The hymns (info on republishing via that link).

Please forgive a lack of cartoons here at the weekend. I went to a conference all about making websites – Wordcamp London for those interested in that kind of thing. Thoroughly recommended if, like me, you enjoy playing around with WordPress and have a minor grandiose plan B in the pipeline.


  1. Also embarrassing when you are singing different words to everyone else because you have chosen the wrong book, or two hymns with same name. O when you are leading worship the version of the right hymn which you have pulled off the internet to include in your notes has different set of verses!

  2. I remember when I was a child, our very traditional church changed from the red hymnal to a blue one that was a bit more contemporary. It caused quite a stir, which added a bit of excitement for the children to watch.

  3. Just finished making a nice fresh set of copies of “All Glory, Laud, and Honor” (tune Teschner) for the procession this Sunday. We have one dear soul who insists on calling it “Thou Art the King” – she will do her annual confusion making loud announcement “Does everyone have a copy of “Thou Art the King” ?”

  4. Sometimes we follow the service leader, sometimes we follow the music leader. More often than not we follow whoever is singing the loudest.

    Sing those praises out 😀

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