I’m going to try and keep these as simple and straightforward as possible. First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who is supporting my work by joining the Diagram Club – you’re making my new work possible. Please also see the Frequently-Asked Questions, which may help to answer the kind of questions you might ask frequently.

Who can join?

Anyone can join, but everything on this website about the pricing of Diagram Club is for non-commercial use.

If you’re being paid to do a job, then I consider your use of my material as being commercial. Please contact me, and we can discuss a fair rate depending on the nature and size of your organisation, etc. Once this has happened I’ll send you a link to join – I’m not able to invoice your organisation for Diagram Club membership.

Small volunteer-run cycling campaigns may go ahead and join (thank you!) either as individuals or a team. I’m leaving it to you to pay a fair price based on the resources you have and the level of use of the material you have planned.

If your role is voluntary, but your organisation has over 5 employees I ask that you contact me first, please.

Members’ Usage of the Material

As a Diagram Club member you have the right to use diagrams that appear in the ‘Diagrams’ section of this website. This is, initially, quite a small selection, but the plan is for it to grow over time.

You can use the work in the following ways:

  • Printed out to stick on the wall, colour in, or… (I don’t know) admire.
  • Use the work in talks
  • Post the work on social media, provided that you tag me in the post. Please see the ‘Social media usage guidelines’ below for details

Please don’t edit my work and then post it online.

Please don’t get items printed, like t-shirts, etc, without asking me.

Please leave my watermark / logo on the images.

This membership doesn’t allow you to post anything that doesn’t appear in the ‘Diagrams’ section of this website, I’m afraid. You can’t take whatever material you want from my books, as that wouldn’t be fair on the publishers, although in time some material from the books will appear on the website for you to use. If you’re a member and there is a particular cartoon in a book that you’d like to use please contact me. If you want to use material from my CartoonChurch.com website you can buy a licence to do so, but that is separate to this membership.

Usage must be non-commercial unless you’re agreed commercial use with me – see above.

Any usage questions or clarifications – please do contact me or ask me in the ‘Community’ Facebook group.

Social media usage guidelines

People use my work in all sorts of ways: without asking, without crediting, etc, etc. I’ve learnt that I can’t be too precious about it or police every infringement. But these are the rules I’m asking Diagram Club members to stick to, (please!):

Tagging: The tagging side of things is really important, as it enables other people to find my work, which is something I rely on. So please always tag me in your posts if you post one of my diagrams yourself.

On the day that a new diagram comes out: I ask that you retweet or share my post rather than posting the image yourself.

Retweets/shares vs posting yourself: At other times: As a creator it does help me if you share or retweet my posting of the work rather than posting the image yourself where that is possible, so when you can do that it is appreciated. But, if you want to use a diagram to illustrate a point, or it’s not something that has been posted recently, your Diagram Club membership does allow you to post the images in the ‘Diagrams’ section of the website yourself, with a tag, so please feel free to do so.

Cycling UK diagrams: Cycling UK have kindly allowed me to include the work I have done for them on this site. If using a diagram that has their logo on please link to the campaign URL if the campaign is current, or if not please link to their website.

If you’re not a member: feel free to retweet / share my posts, but I ask you not to use the work yourself. Joining Diagram Club is very inexpensive and well worth doing.

I hope these social media guidelines are fair – like everything else here I’m keeping these policies under review to see how it works out.


I welcome suggestions or ideas for new diagrams, and I’d love the Community page on Facebook to be somewhere that happens.

Please note:

  • I reserve the right to use anything suggested, and may not be able to credit you. (I always aim to thank people, but don’t always remember…)
  • I can’t use every idea given to me, for all kinds of reasons.

Direction of work

My plan is for the Diagram Club to guide my future work. As an example, it would be great to have suggestions of downloads and printables that people would like to see. However, I retain the right to choose the work that I do, and do the work that works best. I’m making no promises about work being on a particular topic.

Quantity of work

I’m aiming for 52 new pieces of work over a year, but my aim is to exceed this number. They may not happen one a week, depending on my time schedule.


Please read and follow the rules on the Facebook group itself, as the up to date version with always be posted there. You’ll get the link to the Facebook community group when you join.

But in summary, the rules are along the following approximate lines:

Welcome! This group is for members of Dave Walker’s Diagram Club. If you’re here for some other reason – there’s clearly been some kind of a terrible mixup. This is for members only, so if you aren’t one, or if you decide to leave the Club, I ask (incredibly politely) that you leave this group too.

I’d like this to be a friendly and welcoming environment. Let’s treat everyone with respect. Healthy discussion is fine, but kindness is required.
Make sure that everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn’t allowed, and degrading comments about things such as race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.

This isn’t the place for self-promotion, spam, irrelevant links, or pointing people to other pages or people doing something a bit similar.

Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What’s shared in the group should stay in the group.

I (Dave) welcome all suggestions for new diagrams, and I’m really hopeful that this group will become a creative page for doing just that, and much more besides. But please remember that 1) I can’t use everything that is given to me, for all kinds of reasons; 2) I reserve the right not to use ideas given, without explaining why; 3) If you suggest an idea here I reserve the right to use it, without giving credit.

New diagrams will be posted on the public ‘Dave Walker Cartoons’ Facebook page, so if you’d like to share anything please do it from that page. And just to say please don’t be offended if I (Dave) don’t accept friend requests – it isn’t personal. I reserve the right to update these rules if I think of better ones. Thank you!.

Renewal, cancellation, and refunds

Renewal happens automatically at the end of the year, so if you want to continue as a member you don’t have to do anything.

You can cancel your membership at any time through the ‘Your membership’ link you’ll see when you’re logged in. This will mean that no payment will be taken for the following year.

Members are sent an email two weeks before the annual renewal payment is due, in case you want to cancel at this point.

If you’d like to leave the Diagram Club during the year please contact me. It’s my aim to be fair, but refunds are at my discretion.

Changes to these conditions

I reserve the right to modify these conditions if I need to.