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A cyclist’s guide to biking the city

I did a series of cartoons for The Illustrated City, a regular column in the Guardian. This sums up what my current work is about – encouraging people to use a bike for everyday transport, given it is good for the environment, health, and general wellbeing, but also pushing for the huge investment in cycling infrastructure that we need to make this possibility open to everyone.

See the whole series here: A cyclist’s guide to biking the city – a cartoon

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  1. I am seriously considering an adult 3 wheeler, adapted as a hand bike and with a comfy seat instead of a saddle. Possibly with electric bit. Since it will be a much adapted bike, it will be expensive; I am hoping there are places I can borrow one from to try it out. I don’t have the balance for a normal bike anymore.

    Calendars and book bought already.

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