New winter collection

There are new designs in my shop. And mugs!

I’m pleased to say that, after various delays (apologies) my shop has had an update and there are new designs. It’s probably reasonably pretentious for a cartoonist to call their new work a ‘Winter Collection’, but that appears to be what I’ve done. New York, Paris, the western suburbs of Basildon, etc.

This bicycles / shed drawing was one of the early cycling cartoons I did in 2012. I’ve now redrawn it, as it was out of date and the artwork was scrappy for a drawing that has been quite popular. I’m pleased to say it has been re-redrawn to be a t-shirt and then rejigged to fit a mug, both of stages taking forever. Find everything with the Bicycles design on it here.

There’s also a brand new bicycle-based design entitled ‘Circular economy’. As it says on the bike wheel, the principle is ‘Wear (or use) it, Enjoy it, Recycle it, Make it into something else’. It’s an idea that Kate Raworth’s book Doughnut Economics made me think about, and I’m a believer in encouraging all manufacturers to adopt the idea. It was therefore brilliant to discover that Teemill, already a strong contender to be my print provider of choice, were putting the idea of the Circular Economy into practice. The garments I’ve chosen for this design are in the ‘Remill’ range, which is comprised of 50% recycled material from returned clothing. And everything bought from my shop can be returned to Teemill at the end of its life. See everything with the Circular Economy design.

There are mugs! There are four designs so far: Climate, Bicycles, Circular economy and a ‘Riding up that hill / Largely fuelled by cake’ combo.

Lastly, the cargo bike / washing machine design from ’20 little cycling drawings’ is now available on t-shirts, as I thought the cargo bike community might like it.

There’s free UK postage today and over the weekend (3rd – 5th November), so it’s not the worst time to have a browse.

As always feedback is welcomed. If anyone tells me a particular design / colour / style they’d like I try to make it available, but it may not happen straight away as it all takes me quite a lot of time. Thank you!