The people’s choice?

This website is a finalist at the Premier Digital Awards


I’m pleased to say that this website has been shortlisted for an award at the Premier Digital Awards. The award in question is the People’s Choice Award, which is voted for by the public. I was an award winner (different category) at these awards in 2007, so it’s very nice to be shortlisted again.

If you’d like to vote you can do so here. But take a look at the other sites too, and please vote for one of them if you want to. There’s a devotional for youth leaders, a blog about volunteering in Calais, a Christian events directory, and a ‘Spirituality for the non-religious’ video site. Or of course this one. So, take your pick.

Here’s a badge kind-of-a-thing.


There’s an awards dinner, which I have been to a number of times, so it will be very nice to go to that with CW once again. Oh, and an internet conference (I think one is supposed to say ‘digital’, but you get the idea), during the day, if church and the internet is your kind of thing. See you there, possibly.

Update after the event: Didn’t win, did come second. We had a lovely evening though. Thanks to everyone who voted!


  1. I did look at them all, and voted for you because you make me laugh and the others don’t. And you have a colouring book, and calendars which make me laugh.

    I hope you win!

  2. I voted. Rooting for you to win, Dave! Your sense of humour is astute yet kindly. Your colouring book drawings are fun. Woohoo, I got to use my British spelling twice.

  3. Ok, now I think I must subscribe to this blog… you are funny. And orange is my favourite colour… am not allowed to vote.

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